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Thank you for your interest in volunteering with UUWR! We urgently need more state licensed rehabbers. 99% OF THE ANIMAL WORK IS ONLY AVAILABLE TO STATE-LICENSED WILDLIFE REHABBERS. If you have some wildlife experience but are not yet licensed, we may also be able to have you assist under our Class II licenses when we need a second pair of hands. This would be out of our rehabbers private homes, and at their discretion and request.

If you would like to get your rehab license, please follow instructions here: http://www.dec.ny.gov/permits/25027.html We are always looking for new rehabbers to add to our network, and we would help you with education, protocols, caging, veterinary costs, and general supplies! No prior experience or education is required to obtain a license.

However, as a volunteer-run non-profit, we need all sorts of other help! Most opportunities DO NOT involve working directly with animals, but are more event or administrative-related.

**At this time, we can only utilize adults over 18 years old**, but if we ever have any opportunities for minors we will contact you if you leave your info.

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We don't currently have any opportunities available for minors, but we can save your info for the future.
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Your phone number
If you are open to being a short notice volunteer for events, we may text you the day before or day-of an event if someone drops out. We completely understand this would only work when it works, and we don't expect open schedules for you to be willing to be someone we contact.
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Neighborhood and borough where you live and/or work *
We may want to target volunteers in particular areas for particular events. This info is super helpful for us!
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Skills you are willing to contribute pro bono, or discounted. *
Accountants, lawyers, graphic and web designers, artists, grant writers, creative writers, musicians and performers (for our events) ... even a spreadsheet wiz can be great help! Please be specific. We always need volunteers to represent our group and hand out flyers etc at street fairs and community gatherings.
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Are you a licensed wildlife rehabilitator in NY? *
If so, please let us know if you have any special licenses, and for how many years you've held them.
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Do you have any professional experience with wildlife? With domestic animals (beyond cats and dogs)? *
Veterinarians, vet techs, biologists, researchers etc are all very appreciated. The more info and resources we can share, the better.
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Do you know any land-owners who would be willing to offer us a small corner of land for outdoor caging? *
If so, please email us separately with details! Outdoor caging (before release) is always a need.
Do you have a car? Are you willing to transport animals for release or relocation? *
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Thank you for your interest!
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