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Thank you for your purchase of an iPower horticulture product. By registering your product with us, you can enjoy faster service, product support, and free promotional offers.To best serve you, please keep your original purchase receipt. Purchase receipts can also be found from the website where you purchased your item(s).


Length of warranty (from original date of purchase)
Ballasts - 2 years
Bulbs - 1 year
Carbon Filters - 1 year
Fans - 1 year
Reflectors - 1 year (manufacturing defect only)
Tents - 1 year
Accessories - 1 year

The table above sets out the applicable warranty period commencing from the date of purchase for the Product (hereinafter defined) under normal use Only. During the said applicable warranty period, we will furnish without charge, labor and/or replacement parts necessary to repair or replace the product specified due to defects in the material or manufacturing faults subject to the terms and conditions hereunder.

LIMITATIONS OF COVERAGE - This warranty Does Not Cover:

Damage, fault or failure due to alteration or repairs made by anyone other than iPower, or the use of supplies and accessories other than those manufactured by iPower.
Damage, fault or failure due to causes beyond iPower's control including, but not limited to: repairs necessary due to operator negligence, improper installation, damage caused by spillage of foods/liquids, wrong usage of electrical supply and voltage, abnormal voltage, excessive heat, dust, corrosive surroundings, chemical reaction, failure to maintain the product, failure to operate or use the Product according to instructions, accident, mishandling, misuse, tampering, vandalism, theft, fire, lightning, flood, wind, freezing, power failure, static, normal wear and tear, pests, vermin, foreign contaminants, inadequate or excess amperage, extreme atmospheric conditions.
Damage, fault or failure resulting from software, virus(es), electrical wiring and connections, user facilitated minor adjustments and settings, external antenna or local reception problems, structural problems of user's premises, inaccessible products or parts, negligence, misuse, tampering or abuse, whether willful or not.
Damage, fault or failure due to improper transportation, inappropriate storage conditions or materials, improper ventilation, reconfiguration of the product, unnecessary movement(s) during operation.
Damage, fault or failure due to or arising out of, transit or delivery, packing, unpacking, assembly, installation, routine maintenance, dismantle, relocation or removal.
Non-failure problems that do not require parts and intermittent issues, including without limitation, reception and/or incompatibility issues, demonstration, training, reminders, adjustments, set-up, installations, battery change, replenishing of consumables, short circuit, routine maintenance and servicing, periodic checkups, cleaning, checking of improper operation or incorrect use. We will not pay for adjustments or repairs required due to the user's specific condition.
Products where the serial number is removed, defaced or made illegible, parallel imported sets, products purchased overseas or from non-authorized dealers or retailers, second hand sets, products sold "AS IS", "REFURBISHED" or bearing similar notations.
Cosmetic defects, reduced or impaired functionality, reduced lifespan or limitations of Products which, in Our records indicate, are second hand, "Used", "Refurbished", "Open Set" or "Display Sets".
Any utilization of Product that is inconsistent with either the design of the Product or the way the manufacturer intended the Product to be used. Any installation and/or modifications that prevents normal service. Any and all cases in which a reasonable manufacturer of such a product would not honour the warranty of the Product.
Normal wear and tear and cosmetic damage such as, but not limited to corrosion, scratches, dents, rust, stains. Non-functional parts such as, but not limited to, plastics and finishes. Expendable or lost items, such as, but not limited to bubble bags.
Consumables. Consumables are defined as any part or component of an expendable nature and/or any item that is designed to be consumed (wear out) during the life of the Product, regardless if it is consumer replaceable or not and whether such consumables originate from Us or not.
Consequential losses and/or damages as a result of malfunctioning of, damage to, failure of an operating part of the covered Product, or damages, fault or failure as a result of any repairs or replacements under this warranty. Damages, fault or failure caused by delays in rendering of Our services or loss of use during servicing or otherwise awaiting parts are not covered.
Damages, fault, failure, imperfections, caused by abuse, tampering, illegal use, negligence, prolonged use or operation.
Products that are leased, rented, used exceeding normal limits, used continuously and/or subject to abuse, unreasonable, abnormal or extreme operations.

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