KiTE 5th Graduation Day Registration
DATE & TIME : August 12th, 2017 Saturday, 11.00 AM


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1. The Graduands, who are receiving their degree certificates in person, must compulsorily register online.

2. The Graduands must report to the registration desk by 09.30 A.M and whoever is entering after the mentioned time
will not be able to participate in the awarding ceremony and their degree certificates will be issued after the graduation function on the same day.

3. The Graduands those who are not registered for the graduation day can receive the degree certificates at KITE-Admin Office after the graduation day.

4. Graduands are requested to be in their respective seats at the venue at 10.30 A.M. Graduands are not permitted to leave their seats except for receiving their Degree Certificate.

5. Academic attire means the formal dress and the Graduands without proper dress code will not be allowed to participate in the awarding ceremony.

Men : Formal Shirt properly tucked in, with polished black shoes, with tie and with Clean shaven face.

Women : Formal chudhidhar with black cut shoes, No flowers and No loose hair.

6. Graduands are shall take the pledge audibly.

7. When the Graduation Procession enter the Venue and when they retire from the Venue, the procession music will be played and the Graduands shall remain in the standing position till the music stops.

8. Graduands are strictly forbidden from leaving their place until the Chief Guests leave the Venue after the dissolution
of the Graduation ceremony.

9. Graduands shall maintain absolute silence during the entire proceedings of Graduation. Defaulters will be evicted from the premises and will not be allowed to take part in the Graduation Ceremony further.

10. Graduands are not permitted to keep CELL PHONE / CAMERA in the Graduation Venue.

11. Faculty members will guide the Graduands for collecting their graduation dress and each will have to pay an advance of Rs.250/- towards the Graduation attire hiring charge and Rs 100/- will be refunded.

12. The graduation attire must be returned to the respective faculty member after the graduation ceremony.

13. Lunch is arranged for the Graduands & Registered Guests between 01.00 PM to 02.30 PM

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