OOFRAS Network Survey, 2019
Network Health 'Check Up'
Tell us what is working, how to improve, and what you need.
1. Is the PURPOSE of the network clear to you? *
Purpose is unclear
Purpose is clear
2. How do you USE the network? *
(This is the list of OOFRAS network platforms referred to in Q3)
3. Have the network PLATFORMS added value to you? *
No value added
Added significant value
4. Have the interactions or contributions of OTHERS in the network added value to you? *
No value from others yet
Significant value from others
5. What do members like you need to GAIN VALUE from the network? *
Your answer
6. Have YOU added value to others or the network with your interactions or contributions? *
No - I haven't added anything yet
Yes - I have added value to others or the network
7. What do network members like you need to be involved and GIVE VALUE to others? *
Your answer
8. Would quarterly MEMBER EMAIL updates be helpful in addition to the current network platforms? *
No - existing platforms are enough
Yes - quarterly email to members would be helpful
9. Would inviting members together to decide a PLAN for each year be helpful? *
Not helpful at all - don't do it
Very helpful - invite me!
10. Do you have ANYTHING ELSE to say in this network health 'check up'?
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The Final Questions are About You
De-identified data is used to understand needs, and describe the OOFRAS network
Your Country *
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Your Occupational Therapy (OT) Role *
Your Role in the field of practice with displaced people *
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Thank you for your valuable input and insights!
The 2019 member survey will close 31 March 2019. Findings will be on the website by 30 April 2019.
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