Community Survey: Remote Classes for Teen (Ages 13-17 Years Old) 
Assalamualikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu:

Dear Parents,
We hope that you are doing well and in best of Iman. We are gauging to see if there is any interest for higher level Quran and Islamic Studies classes for teens. We understand that their schedule is rigorous, thus we are offering this online option to continue with their Islamic education. Kindly take a few minutes to give us your feedback. Jazakallah Khair 

Format: Remote classes with a live teacher. One hour of Quran and one hour of Islamic Studies. Open to girls and boys, ages 13-17 with separate classes. Certificate of completion given after the program is completed (minimum 1 year) 

Time: Tuesday and Thursdays from 5:30pm-7:30pm 
Fee: TBD 

HIC Administration
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