African Village Volunteer Interest Form
Thank you for your interest in volunteering with us. You are becoming an integral part of African Village and your community. Please fill out the form below and await a response from us within one week.

This will give you a chance to learn more about the true meaning of the African Village. You will get the chance to make your community a community of high quality through understanding of the importance of diversity. The African Village is simply the place to be!

Who really benefits from your efforts?
Young children, who will visit the event.
The elderly, who may need our assistance.
An out-of- towner who may need your guidance
A local family who will experience other cultures for the first time

What activities may you perform?
Help set up and dismantle the event. Help the vendors unload, display, sell, and load their cultural items. Help the cultural performers assemble and disassemble their props. Assist participants in enjoying the event. Help visitors with the services they need (locate products or schedules). Perform and/or demonstrate crafts, products/ services. Down to data entry,

Some best practice tips:
Make a personal determination of what needs to be done. If anyone needs assistance that you can help with, provide it. Be an empowered decision maker.
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Which days and times can you volunteer?
Please list the exact date and approximate time (morning, afternoon, and/or evening) you can volunteer.
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