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Please remember to hit "SUBMIT" at the end or your information will not be saved and sent to us. YOU WILL RECEIVE A CONFIRMATION AT THE END.  IF YOU DO NOT, YOUR APP HAS NOT BEEN SUBMITTED.  Contact us at handsofhopegb@gmail.com with any questions regarding this form. It can take 1-2 weeks for your application to be processed(although typical processing time is 1 week).  Dogs are expected to be picked up from their foster home within 1 week of approval. Thank you!
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All of our dogs are in foster homes across Kansas and Missouri, we do not have a facility, but we DO allow out of state adoptions.  If you are chosen to adopt, are you prepared to travel to the foster to pick up your new family member? If multiple good applications are received, preference will be given to in state applications.   *
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Can Hands of Hope Rescue contact you by e-mail for HOHR related information? *
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NAME of dog(s) you are interested in? *
If no specific dog, what age/sex/breed?
HOHR cannot guarantee a dog to be a non-shedder.  Would you return a dog due to shedding/allergies? *
Why do you want to adopt a dog? *
Do you consider yourself/family to be active in such a way that would include a dog?  Explain. *
Current Pets (Please list breed, age, spayed/neutered, & Indoor/Outdoor) *
If you don't have a pet now, what pets have you had in your adult life? *
How do your dogs/cats get along with others? *
Ever train in obedience? *
What discipline method do you use, how do you correct your dog(s)? *
Willing to train in obedience? *
Do you use Heartworm Preventative? *
Have you ever adopted/rescued a dog/cat before? *
Have you ever adopted/rescued a dog from Hands of Hope Rescue? *
Have you ever returned/rehomed/sold/given a dog to another before? *
If Yes, please explain.
Name of Veterinarian *
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I understand that I need to contact my veterinarian and let them know that they have my permission to give Hands of Hope Rescue any needed information relative to the adoption process.  And that by not doing so will slow down the process. *
Name of Personal Reference #1 (No family members) *
Address of Personal Reference #1
Phone Number of Personal Reference #1 *
Name of Personal Reference #2 (no family members) *
Address of Personal Reference #2
Phone number of personal reference #2 *
Size of Yard *
Completely Fenced? *
Fence Height *
Type of Fence? *
If you do not have a fence, how will the dog be let in and out?
Do you have a dog kennel? *
What type? *
What kind of accommodations do you have for the dog in the hot/cold weather? *
Is anyone home during the day? *
How many hours will the dog be left alone? *
Where will it stay? *
If you do not currently have, do you plan to have children in the future? *
If you answered yes, please answer the following question (Failure to answer if it applies can delay the processing of your application).  Are you willing to devote the time needed for your new dog to adjust and work through issues that might arise from the addition of a child?   Please explain in detail below how you would introduce the dog to the new child and how you would address the issues.
What are the ages of any children who will be in regular contact with the dog? *
If something happened to you and you are no longer able to care for your pet what arrangement have been made for their care? *
What is the name and number of person if they have agreed to care for the pet if you can no longer care for them? *
Please describe any neighbors that the dog would be involved with (do they like dogs?, have children (ages), have dogs, cats?).
Is there asthma or allergies in the household to dogs or cats? *
If yes, how severe?
Own/Rent? *
Type of Home? *
How long at current address?
Are there any pet restrictions? *
Are you willing to have a Hands of Hope Volunteer visit your home before and after adoption? *
If you rent, the following questions are required, and a letter of permission from your landlord will be required prior to adoption.  
Incomplete information will delay the processing of your application
Name of Landlord *
Address of Landlord *
Landlord's Phone *
Do all parties in the household want a dog? *
Adopted pets need adjustment time, are you willing to give the new dog at least one month to ensure proper adjustment? *
What would, in your opinion, constitute a reason for not keeping the dog? *
We are always in need of temporary homes for our rescue dogs.  
(The following questions are optional)
Would you be willing to foster a homeless pet if it is compatible with your lifestype and other pets?
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Please remember to hit "SUBMIT" at the end or your information will not be saved and sent to us.  IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE A CONFIRMATION, YOUR APP WAS NOT SUBMITTED!
You will receive a reply from us no matter what.  We are all volunteers so it can take 1-2 weeks for your application to be processed(however typical processing time is one week).  If after this time you do not hear from us, please contact us at handsofhopeab@gmail.com. Thank you!
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