#NYCSchoolsTech Workshop Proposal - Educators
Thank you for your interest in proposing a workshop.

NYC educators & alumni are invited to submit.
Vendors: Please read important note at the bottom of this page.

Before you fill out this form, you must:

1) Create an agenda for your workshop following these steps:
-->Open the agenda template at tinyurl.com/SummitAgendaTemplate2019
-->Rename it with your last name + workshop title.
-->Make it viewable to the public.
-->Add nycschoolstech@gmail.com and lnielsen.nycdoe@gmail.com as editors.
-->You can see previous agendas and materials at tinyurl.com/SummitAgendas2018
Note: While you must create a link to your agenda, you do not have to have your agenda completed until June 1.

Please note: The Summit is paperless. Therefore the agenda should include links to all materials, including your presentation.
Your presentation and materials do not have to be complete at the time of submission, but your agenda outline should be clear. Links to works in progress should be present.

2) Know your Twitter handle
This will be used for your head shot and bio.
Read these tips: http://tinyurl.com/ProTwitterBio

3) Click continue below and fill in all the basics we'll need for our program guide and online community.

Note for Vendors: We don’t accept proposals from vendors or other commercial participants unless they are a contracted sponsor. If you are a contracted anchor sponsor for the event submit your session proposal as advised by the Center for Digital Education (CDE). If you are not a current anchor sponsor, please contact Alison Del Real (alison.delreal@erepublic.com) at the CDE for sponsorship opportunities.

Want to submit a playground/poster session to showcase your work? tinyurl.com/SummitPoster2019
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