Lunch Symposium at US HUPO 2018
Title of Presentation: Taking A Leap To Quantifying the Proteome
When: Monday (Mar 12), 12:15 - 1:30 pm
Where: Pine Lake - Maple Lake Room

Next generation proteomics based on data independent acquisition (DIA) enables deep and reproducible quantification of thousands of proteins in a single measurement experiments (Bruderer et al., 2015, 2017).
DIA workflows overcome the technical limitation of sampling speed of mass spectrometers by isolating broad ranges of peptide ions in parallel-- because of this, powerful data deconvolution algorithims must be utilized. This enables DIA technology to become only limited by the sensitivity of the detector, and not the sequential speed of the mass spectrometer.


Dr. Mukul K. Midha, Institute for Systems Biology, Seattle, USA
Strategies and challenges for large-scale SWATH-MS dataset generation and analysis for quantitative discovery proteomics

Dr. Florian Marty, Biognosys AG, Schlieren, Switzerland
Latest advancements in data independent acquisition (DIA) using Spectronaut Pulsar

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