2nd Short-term Joint Staff Training Event "Reinforcing education for SDGs through innovative curricula and international cross-disciplinary experience ITC-based" The 2nd JST organized in hybrid format by the project partner P3: S.C. InforElea, Italy. San Secondo di Pinerolo, Torino, 3rd  – 5th of  November 2021
This feedback sheet should be filled-in individually by each participant to the teaching, training and learning activities envisaged by the 2nd  JST – C2. Each person shall mark the degree of satisfaction with several items, considering 1 – strong disagreement; 3 – neither agree nor disagree; 5 – strong agreement.
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1. You are: *
2.  How did you participate: *
3. Please, mark how do you appreciate the following aspects considering 1 – strong disagreement; 3 – neither agree nor disagree; 5 – strong agreement: *
Good visibility and clear screen previews
Time distribution between presentations
Communicativeness and friendliness of lecturers
Relationship and team work during the training event
4. Please evaluate  separately the following aspects: choose from 1 (very weak) to 5 (very good) *
Very weak
Do not know
Very good
There is practical relevance to my work
It is useful for me and my activities
The information were presented in an accessible and understandable way
The content was well structured
I had the opportunity to ask my questions
The lecturers responded exhaustively to the questions asked by the participants
The duration was enough for this type of event
5. How do you appreciate the 2nd JST event? *
Too little
Too much
The volume of information exposed during the hybrid sessions
The workload of hybrid sessions
The weight of practical activities compared to theoretical ones
The level of complexity for the topics presented
6. Would you like to participate in other similar events (e.g. hybrid format) in the future? *
7. Please mention 3 (three) STRENGTHS  for this hybrid event:
8. Please mention 3 (three) IMPROVEMENTS NEEDS for this hybrid event :
9. Please share your IDEAS, RECOMMENDATIONS and COMMENTS, if any:
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