WSA Travel - Coach Application
WSA Coach Application – March 2019

The Westfield SA is a very big association providing approximately 2600 players annually the opportunity to play the beautiful game of soccer. Starting at U9 the WSA has travel teams for those players interested and able to play at the travel level. These teams are trained by professional coaches, but depending on the age, parent coaches do help run the practice sessions taking place on Saturday and parent coaches are asked to coach the games on Sunday. Note that the professional coaches will attend close to half the games of each team they train during the season (5 out of 10 games). Typically a team is assigned a professional coach; 1 head coach and 1-2 assistant coaches.

We aim to provide all our players with the best possible training and coaching. Our parent coaches play an important role in the process. For quality and continuity, we ask all our travel coaches to make themselves familiar with and align with the WSA development philosophy; attend general meetings and coach clinics. We look to develop our players and for that reason focus heavily on the process. Winning is a positive by product of proper player development. Teams are trained and coached to improve, not to simply win games (long term vision). No professional coach or parent coach is evaluated based on the outcome of games alone. All training and coaching is player centered, to help our members grow and develop.

Every year we look for volunteers to help coach our travel teams. To help us prepare accordingly we ask all interested candidates to fill out an application.

* Please note that filling out an application is no guarantee that you will be asked to coach a team or that your son/daughter will indeed be placed on a travel team.

** All parent coaches need to possess a state coaching certificate (formerly the NJYS F course) to be allowed on the sideline. This is mandated by the state association for youth soccer in NJ. If you do not have a state coaching certificate you need to attend a course, ran by NJ Youth Soccer.

We will run 2 state certificate courses in Westfield this coming summer ( June 21st - 22nd & August 24th ).
State Certificate Coach Courses in Westfield - Summer 2019

Below also a link to the website of NJ Youth Soccer, where you can find more dates/locations as well.
NJ Youth Soccer - State Certificate Coach Courses - Summer 2019

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