Code of Conduct for Volunteers and Coaches
It is the policy of Scunthorpe RUFC (the ‘Club’) to protect children and young people under the age of 18 playing youth rugby from possible abuse. The Club’s Code of Conduct set out below has been written for all youth rugby coaches and other youth rugby volunteers at the Club, to remind or inform them of their responsibilities and the minimum standards of behaviour required of them. All youth rugby coaches and other youth rugby volunteers involved at the Club are required to familiarise themselves with the Code of Conduct and abide by it.

The Code of Conduct may be amended from time to time by the Club. A copy of the latest Code of Conduct can be found on the Club’s website ( Allegations of a breach of the Club’s Code of Conduct for Youth Rugby Coaches and Other Youth Rugby Volunteers will be investigated according to Scunthorpe and RFU disciplinary procedures.

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We expect all of our staff and volunteers to follow the behaviours and requests set out in this code.If any staff member or volunteer behaves in a way which contradicts any of the points set out above, we'll address the problem straight away and aim to resolve the issue. Continued issues and repeated breaches of this code may result in us taking disciplinary action against you with the involvement of governing bodies and ultimately your dismissal from the organisation. Please enter name to agree to code of conduct. *
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