100+ People Who Care COMMITMENT FORM
100+ People Who Care | Surrey // There will be three meetings in 2020. By completing this form, you agree to provide your (min) $50 donation for each meeting, whether you are in attendance or not. An email will be sent out with instructions on how to donate after each meeting.

We must reach 50 members committed to the full year's $150 donation to proceed with 2020 meetings.

This information will be used for your tax receipt, so please ensure it is correct. We will not use this information or share with third parties other than the selected charities where necessary.
Full Legal Name *
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Phone number *
I understand that as part of 100+ People Who Care, I commit to providing a donation of $50 to the charity selected by the majority of the group at each meeting in 2020. *
I give permission to 100 People Who Care in Surrey to contact me by email or phone. *
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