We have been forced to stay at home without pay. Workers are being stood down or laid off. Non-essential industries have been shut down. Other companies have lost customers. We are all feeling the immediate impact.

Everyone should be able to self isolate. Safely.

Vulnerable people should not have to bear the burden of this crisis alone.

We are living in a crisis, we are operating in emergency conditions.

Landlords and agents need to work to support people's basic needs, not just their profit.

This is an emergency.

Many of us are at risk of losing our homes.

While social distancing measures are in place, housing becomes a nationwide health concern.

We call for an Australia wide rent strike beginning April 2020.

- An indefinite amnesty on all rental payments
- An Immediate Ban on all evictions
- No renters will be left with debts or fines, or retaliatory rent increases
- No adverse rental histories for tenants who don't/are unable to pay rent

We demand these measures be met until the pandemic no longer threatens our livelihoods.
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How are we striking, what is the action?
At the time of writing almost 15,000 people across Australia have signed a pledge to withhold rent and mortgage payments.

From March 31st we will be sending out anonymous letters to real estate agents and banks, detailing how many of their renters and mortgagers are striking.

This action will be most effective when we work together.

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