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Here are our 11 shortlisted entries for RAID in Retrospect 2020 Photo Competition! Now its YOUR turn to vote. Scroll down and then vote for your favourite image. Remember: you can only pick One. So without further ado and in no particular order....
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1. The importance of women in agriculture - Maree Bouterakos - Pondicherry, India. A woman selling banana’s in her neighborhood to support her family to achieve food and nutrition security, good health and prosperity.
2. Mudman defends screenhouse - Bree Wilson - A small group of researchers were treated to a performance by the local village mudmen. It was just spectacular and unexpected. I love the contrast between traditional practices and modern practices- an insect proof cage installed by a TADEP project designed to keep out insects.
3. Where Agriculture Meets Aquaculture - Oliver Gales - On the coast of Timor-Leste located between Dilli and Balibo, lies a small communal fishing village. I snapped this photo of a pig searching the beach whilst the fisherman caught fish on the changing tide.
4. Quiet and Shady - Michael Scobie - After spending the morning collecting data on the performance of a solar powered irrigation pump in Dholaguri (West Bengal, India), I though I had found somewhere quiet and shady to start to check the numbers - at least it was shady.
5. Sweet solutions - Cooper Schouten - One can no more approach people without love than one can approach bees without care. Watching the honey extension team today effectively teach a rural farmer who was in despair, how to manage his #Varroa and #Tropilaelapse woes brought smiles to all our faces!
6. Plant corn-harvest maize - Skye Traill- This is an image of farmers on a "tanam jagung-panen sapi" (plant corn-harvest maize) in West Timor, Indonesia. The program was incredibly successful with farmers irrigating maize and using the proceeds to increase the size of their cattle herd.
7. Watch and Learn - Michael Scobie - A small group of women farmers in Bhagwatipur (Bihar, India) have been shown how to undertake routine maintenance on their sprinkler irrigation system, but they showed an absolute mastery of the process when they were asked to demonstrate what they had learned.
8. Rice production - Skye Traill - This image was taken next to our forage legume research site, you can see the weather station in the background. The diversity of crops on this small plot of land was extraordinary, from vegetables to cereals as well as forages and bananas.
9. Butterfly pea in maize systems - Skye Traill - Forage legumes, including the butterfly pea in this photo, provide an opportunity to increase whole farm production on mixed crop-livestock systems in West Timor. Here, a farmer from Ulupulu village has planted butterfly pea along side his other forages to increase fodder quality.
10. Mr - Zelalem Moti - I took the picture before interviewing a female-headed household in Ethiopia who shifter her livelihood after divorce to small ruminants and poultry. She call the little Goat by name like a pet and feeding by her hand. I was impressed.
11. The community from which rice is produced - Lucinda Dunn - Rice is produced as a result of community. Men, woman and children combined ensure the production of one of the worlds most treasured foods.
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