Summer Camp Code of Conduct
Please read and complete the following form. This form must be presented on or before the opening day of your child’s camp. Campers will not be admitted without it. Please read the rules below and familiarize your children with them. They exist to help make the camp experience a safe and enjoyable one for your child, fellow campers, volunteers, and staff.

1. Respect the physical well-being of other campers: no fighting, horseplay, or running indoors.
2. Respect for the possession of others: if it does not have your name on it and/or does not belong to you, ask before you touch. Please leave all non-camp related objects, toys, games, electronics, pets, and/or candy at home.
3. Respect each other through communication: no swearing, name calling, or back-talk.
4. Respect the creation of others. Art is a form of self-expression. No negative criticism of other campers’ projects.
5. Please dress campers for creative activities (smock or oversized shirts that can get messy).
6. Behavior incidents will be handled with a warning and time-out. If the transgression is serious, staff may choose to call parent(s) immediately to take child out of the camp as a temporary or permanent measure. There will be no refunds for children suspended from camp because of behavior. If your child is on medication for a behavior disorder or learning disability, please share this information without staff as it may help us to better understand and guide your child before a behavior transgression occurs. This information will be held in the highest confidence.
7. Parents or guardians must enter the building twice each day to sign campers in and out so that our staff knows that your child arrived and departed safely. Tell your child that they must remain in their classroom while waiting for a parent/guardian. No child is to be dropped off or picked up without his or her parent/guardian signing them in or out.

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