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As a teacher, it is a form for your own use--no other user will see it. It is designed as a rubric. It includes areas to type comments for students, but it also includes generic comments that might apply for multiple students.

Save time and focus on providing quality feedback! Evaluate student responses using this form.

Share the results using Mail Merge, Add-On scripts created by users (such as Autocrat) or by copying and pasting results from the results sheet into individual documents/sheets. Use an Add-On script created by a user (such as FormRanger) to auto-input student identities, such as email addresses.
Middle Colonies Context
1 - Not Ready
2 - Needs More
3 - Average
4 - Good
5 - Great
Time: Did you give a general framework of years of concern or describe the era?
Place: Did you find a way to describe the colonial regions and/or their connection to England?
Situation: Did your response identify this paragraph as an explanation of the Middle Colonies?
Background: Did your response discuss religion as a motivating factor for colonization?
Background: Did your response discuss economics as a motivating factor for colonization?
Background: Did your response work to integrate the Middle Colonies?
Was your response concise?
Did your response provide a broad overview while still identifying important facts and examples?
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Overall exam score
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