CrossFit Open At CrossFit 901 - The Box Memphis
If you plan on participating in the CrossFit Open at The Box Memphis, we need to get a handle on who & how many people will be coming. We also need to be able to contact you if anything changes.

Please fill out the following form and keep us posted so we can plan accordingly. If the form is incomplete and or incorrect, you may be denied participation, so please be careful. You can email Reservations AT fit901 DOT com with questions.


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Only check yes if you expect to possibly qualify for Regionals. Note, if you do, YOU are responsible for setting up and video taping each of your workouts to meet the CF Open Standards. The Box will take NO responsibility in assisting with this video.
I intend to participate in the following Open WODs at The Box Memphis *
If you agree to all of the terms and conditions of our Waivers. AND if you agree to make your own video (if needed) to CFHQ standards without our assistance. AND if it IS OK for us to contact you for clarification, with questions or to give you pertinent information, your form will be submitted. If any of that is not OK, your form will not be accepted and you will not be permitted to participate. We won't share your information, period. By clicking YES, you agree to all of our terms & conditions, which are only partially listed here. *
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