Hemp Product Registration Application
How Do I Apply to Register A Product?

1)Please fill out one application per product
2)Call 801-982-2206 to make payment and receive a receipt in your email.
3)Please email all product COAs, Labels, and Packaging (boxes) in PDF Format to hemp_udaf@utah.gov
4)Please wait up to 5 business days for review and the department will notify you when the review is complete.

Failure to provide Application, COAs, and Labels (with boxes) will result in products not being reviewed.

How Much Does It Cost To Register Products?

● Each product containing hemp seed oil, hemp oil, extract, or a cannabinoid, to include CBD, requires the applicant to submit a $325 registration fee.

● Each product containing Industrial Hemp seed or a product containing a solid seed derivative requires the applicant to submit a $200 registration fee.

● Each product containing Industrial hemp fiber does not have to submit a registration fee but must register their product.
● Once applications are complete and you call 801-982-2206 to make a payment

What Is Considered One Individual Hemp Product?
● An individual hemp product is defined as a product with the same cannabinoid content with one single flavor or scent in an approved medicinal form.
● One individual product can be registered with one product fee and provide different bottle sizes for sale (Example: 200 mg Tincture Mint Flavor sold in 2 oz and 4 oz bottles)
● If a product has multiple flavors, each flavor must be registered and paid for separately.
● If a product comes in different cannabinoid dosage amounts (Example: 1000 mg and 2000 mg products that have the same formula) the products are considered separate products and must be registered individually.

What Are Approved Medicinal Dosage Forms?
o Capsule
o Tablet
o Liquid Suspension
o Topical Preparations
o Concentrated Oil
o Transdermal Preparation
o Rectangular or Cubed Gummies
o Sublingual Preparation

Common forms that ARE approved:
o Liquid Shots
o CBD powdered drink mix/ protein powder (Customer must add water after purchase)
o Lotions
o Scented wax melts without wick (no ignition allowed)
o Mints must be called dissolvable tablets to be registered
o Pet products (Please see below)

Common forms that are NOT approved:
o CBD Inhalers
o CBD Chocolate Bars/Candy
o CBD Baked Goods (Food additive)
o Hemp Leafs to Blend in Smoothies (Food additive)
o Hemp Flower
o Hemp Honey
o Candles
o CBD Water/ Sports Drinks

Reminder: Gummies Must Be Cubed/Rectangular Shape Without Sugar Coating. No Other Shapes Will Be Approved.

Is there a CBD variance amount? Yes, 10% variance is accepted in the State of Utah.

What Materials Are Needed In Order To Apply?

1) A Certificate of Analysis for each final product that contains a cannabinoid, to include CBD.
A COA is not required for hemp seed derived products that do not contain cannabinoids.
Each COA needs to have the following:
● Batch Identification number
● Date received
● Date of completion
● Method of analysis for each test conducted
● A picture of the container and substance in the container printed on the COA
● Cannabinoid profile by percentage of dry weight
Full testing must include all tests shown below or you will be asked to provide it after submission and delay registration:
● Solvents
● Pesticides
● Microbial
● Heavy metals
A COA will be required to be viewed by the consumer either on the product website or a QR code.
2) A Product Label for each individual product.
Please view label example here
Each Label must have:
● Brand Name
● Amount of CBD derived per capsule or container
● Size of Container
● Supplement Facts Panel (only for oral consumption products)/
o If it’s a topical product and contains ingredients that have a national drug code number, then drug facts/active ingredients on the label will be required. CBD should not be the only active ingredient. Must also contain an allergen statement. (No specific wording is required)
● Other Ingredients
● Manufacturer’s Address
● Suggested Use
o Medical medical claims references will need to be amended (Example: ‘Use to treat arthritis’ is not allowed. Instead use ‘May provide relief from arthritis pain’)
● FDA Warning
o ‘These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.’
o The minimum warning statement for topicals/ transdermals: ‘Warning: the safety of this product has not been determined’
o Hemp Seed Oil - No FDA Warning Required (21 CFR 111)
● QR Code or website directly linked to product COA.
3) Application
● One application is required per product.
4) Payment
● Please make payment by calling 801-982-2206
● Please record business name on receipt of payment rather than personal name. This is so we can match payments to applications. Business names on payment, products, and applications must match to be processed.

Requirements to Register Pet Products:

o Information in the Facts Panel but not the format
o Amount of CBD per serving usually determined by weight of animal
o Manufacturer or distribution address
o Directions or suggested use
o Cannot have any feed claims or labeled as food
o QR Code or website link to access the certificate of analysis
o On the front of the label which is referred to as the primary display panel needs to have the following Brand name, total amount of CBD in container, and size of container

Products are registered by the State Fiscal Year: July 1st- June 30th.
Email *
In order to apply you must be 18+ years old to register products with the Department of Agriculture and Food. You acknowledge that if the Utah Industrial Hemp and Medical Cannabis Program find any of the above out of compliance for the label- you will be required to either A) amend the label itself and return to the department for review or B) attach an amending sticker to the product until the label can be amended. Send the amending sticker back to the department for review. You acknowledge that inspectors will verify amendments have been made throughout the registered year to ensure compliance. If found in violation, a citation will be issued. You acknowledge that the information provided is to be complete and accurate. You understand that it is your responsibility to ensure all parties involved with the distribution of these products are legal to possess and sell industrial hemp products and have a valid Retail Permit issued by UDAF. Required documentation such as Certificate of Analysis and Product Label must be made available during product registration. COAs must also be available to consumers for each product either via QR code or on the business website. You understand this information will be shared with the public marketplace in Utah and will be used by the UDAF to enforce regulations found in Utah Law. *
Hemp Retail Permit
If you are selling industrial hemp products within the State of Utah to consumers, then a Hemp Retail Permit is required. Please follow this link to apply for a retail permit: https://webapp.ag.utah.gov/LicenseLookup/newLicenseApplication.jsp

Once you have clicked on the link above, please select an 8003 application and hit Continue. Please provide your location and mailing address, along with contact information. The application will prompt you to pay $50 application fee which can only be paid for online.

Once you have completed this process please wait 5 business days and your hemp retail permit will be emailed to you.
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