Marin Coding Club Sponsorship Pledge
Your support is most appreciated. In exchange for sponsorship, you get special mention on our website, and in our projects. You also get the happiness and peace of mind that comes from knowing that you're helping kids develop to their full potential, and build great things.

Here are the things we need:

1. Money (for cloud based hosting, SaaS services, equipment, t-shirts, pizza, conferences, training classes, field trips, scholarships, endowments; we take checks, stock, credit card via paypal, and other standard forms of non-profit sponsorship)

2. Devices (computers, pads, phones, anything interesting with a microprocessor)

3. Conferences (free passes to relevant conferences)

4. Internships (at interesting companies for our members)

5. Real Estate (space; we would love our own building)

6. Training (free training classes)

7. Anything else you think may benefit such a club

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