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As well as supporting an important professional organisation and consultative body to represent the arts in the Lancaster District, specific benefits of LAP Membership include:

* Named individual to sit on the LAP committee (6 meetings a year)
* Members will have the opportunity to help shape the future of both the organisation and the arts in Lancaster District.
* Presence at the Arts Framework ‘Annual Gathering’ (November)
* Advocacy for strategic arts development at local & regional level.
* Members will be added to the LAP Membership Directory on the Arts City website.
* Members may add events to the Arts City website events calendar.
* Members also receive preferential rates for leaflet distribution to the Arts City Leaflet Racks which are sited in 16 sites around the district and are regularly merchandised by our Arts City Racks Coordinator.
* Skills & Knowledge Bank – access to member knowledge across the district.
* Members may post articles/events on the Arts City events calendar/blog


LAP offers four levels of annual Membership:

1) For small organisations with an annual turnover under £10k. Annual cost of £50.00.

2) For small – medium-sized organisations with an annual turnover between £10k and £50k. Annual cost of £100.00.

3) For medium-sized organisations with an annual turnover between £50k and £300k. Annual cost of £150.00.

4) For large organisations with an annual turnover in excess of £300k. Annual cost of £250.00.

n.b. Membership is not open to individuals at this time.

Memberships will run from April to March and will renew annually. Anyone joining mid-year will be billed for the number of months remaining up to the end of March, then annually from April as above.

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