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The **new date** for the Grand Finale will be Saturday, April 17, from 12pm-1pm CST!  


In 2012, Caine Monroe, a 9-year-old kid spending summer days in his dad's East L.A. autoparts store, began to use discarded boxes to create his own arcade. He had zero customers – until his creations caught the attention of a local L.A. film maker. The story unfolds in this 11-minute, life-changing video:

From there, the Imagination Foundation began hosting Cardboard Challenges around the globe, encouraging kids to create with cardboard and share their creations with the world.

In the year of a global pandemic, we are simply hosting a Cardboard Challenge online for Texas families. Between now and the Live Stream Grand Finale on Saturday, April 17, we're asking kids to create and submit Any Beautiful Creation (ABC) or design the School of the Future using cardboard!
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