Background and Purpose

This questionnaire has been created by Design Team volunteers Penny Thibault (Registered Interior Designer, Professor of Interior Design at VIU) and Christina Sierra (FKSS 2016 graduate and fourth year Bachelor of Interior Design student at VIU) for Frances Kelsey Secondary School. Penny and Christina are also members of our South End community.

The questions, which have been developed in consultation with the FKSS administration, staff, student parliament, and PAC, focus on the four interior spaces (i.e., Dome, Room 212, Room 126, and Library) identified as important based on the feedback from the FKSS Community Questionnaire 2017. This input will provide information for the Design Team on how these spaces are being used today as well as identify potential re-design opportunities to better support the school.

We invite you to participate in the questionnaire. It should take approximately 5-10 minutes to complete. The information from your anonymous responses will be used to plan for the four spaces.

Thank you for your help!

Penny Thibault
Christina Sierra
FKSS Design Team Leads
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