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Thank you for participating in OkoumeFest this year! We want to hear your feedback so we can keep improving our logistics and content. Please fill this quick survey and let us know your thoughts.
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Friday Open House: Seminars
Friday Open House: Staff Courtesy & Assistance
Camping Logistics (if applicable)
Saturday: Driving Directions
Saturday: Boat Availability for Demos
Saturday: Demonstrations & Scheduled Events
Saturday: Staff Courtesy & Assistance
Saturday: Launching Your Own Boat (if applicable)
Friday & Saturday: Food Options On Site
Saturday: Facilities at Matapeake
Availability of Information on Daily Activities
Which elements of OkoumeFest did you find most interesting and/or fun?
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Did not participate
Friday: Shop Tour
Friday: Strip Planking Demo w/ Nick
Friday: Fiberglassing Demo w/ Joey
Friday: Small Boat Masts w/ John
Friday: Small Boat Rigging w/ Dillon
Friday: Varnishing Demo w/ Joey
Saturday: On-Water Demos All Day
Saturday: Sailing Rigs for Small Boats Demo
Saturday: One-on-One Instruction: Paddling
Saturday: One-on-One Instruction: Rowing
Saturday: One-on-One Instruction: Sailing
Saturday: Contest, Judging, & Awards
Did you have any key takeaways from OkoumeFest?
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Is there anything (including seminar topics) that you would like to see added to OkoumeFest 2020?
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What could we do differently to encourage you to bring your own boat to OkoumeFest?
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Additional feedback on OkoumeFest logistics?
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Overall feedback for OkoumeFest?
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How many boats (or campers) have you built?
Which CLC designs, prototypes, projects interest you the most?
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