Chesed Pledge - In Memory of Fred Distenfeld
Fred Distenfeld was an איש חסד. He performed all types of chesed without recognition or fanfare. As such, instead of making a siyum mishnayos, we are making a siyum chesed for his first Yartzheit, to take place on his Yartzheit, Thursday June 7th, 2018 (24 Sivan).

Did you know?
The gematriah of אפרים אורי is 548 which is also the gematriah of עולם של חסד. Please help us get to a minimum of 548 hours volunteered in Fred's memory and thus make the world one step closer to a true עולם של חסד
Do Chesed in memory of an איש חסד! For the 1st Yartzheit, please donate your time to help others
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