Startup UW Executive Team Hiring
The Startup UW team is looking to hire individuals to be a part of our executive team for the 2018 - 2019 school year! We are the largest student-run entrepreneurship club on campus, and the executive team is in charge of ideation and organization of events that align with our club vision. We will be hiring a director or design, director of marketing, director of event programming, director of finance and budgeting, and director of partnership. The role descriptions are below:
Role Description:
Director of Marketing: Will be in charge of marketing and advertising all club related events and activities. Will manage all social media outlets as well as the email list, and will work with the director of design to create effective promotions. Will share new, innovative ideas to market SUW and relevant events during weekly executive meetings.

Director of Design: Will be in charge of all design related aspects of SUW including coming up with a design vision/theme, creating flyers/headers/profiles pictures for social media, and creating designs for any club related apparel/products.

Director of Finance and Budgeting: Will work with the president to manage the club finances. Will give suggestions regarding the best ways to allocate club money, and if needed will come up with potential fundraisers. In charge of the club accounts/cards.

Director of Event Programming: Will work with other members of the team to come up with unique events for Startup UW to put on, and will manage and oversee all aspects of the event . This includes ideation of event ideas, working with the director of design for promotions, director of marketing to advertise the event, and director of finance to understand the budget of the event. Will also work with the director of partnership to bring in potential speakers/panelists, or find opportunities to partner with other Foster RSOs.

Director of Partnership: Will be in charge of managing external relations between the club and other organizations, individuals, or Foster RSOs. Will be the contact point in reaching out to startup founders/angel investors/VC's or other organizations that may be of value to SUW events, and maintaining a positive relationship with said organizations. Will discover new opportunities for SUW to partner with other clubs to put on events that are wanted by the public.

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