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*** We are conducting this survey in order to have a better grasp of our potential consumers’ perspectives of and concerns about the RunItBack app and ameliorate our concept before we set in stone the available functions of the platform. ***
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(If you answered yes to the previous question, skip this question and complete the following five.) If you strictly exercise or don't play sports, would you be willing to participate in recreational sports—playing on a team or individually—given the opportunity (perhaps through a cost-free, convenient app)?
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Which category(-ies) best describe(s) your involvement in sports (besides viewing them on TV)? *
During the pre-COVID normalcy, which sports did—if any—you participate in sports on any level of involvement?
If you answered the previous question: Where did you play sports?
Again, if you answered the previous 2 questions: How many hours did you typically participate in sports weekly?
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Last question for athletes: When you played, did you typically have enough players to organize a full game with teams (depending on the sport)?
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How would you rate RunItBack's Safety features? (Learn more about our safety features at www.runitbackapp.com/safety) *
What additions or improvements would you make to our safety features?
How would you rate the social justice initiatives we have pledged to do? (Learn more about our safety features at www.runitbackapp.com/initiatives) *
What else should we do with our resources to make a difference and empower others?
Would you share and/or donate to our Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns if we hypothetically launched one and rewarded you for doing so? *
With all the information you currently have, would you personally download and use RunItBack? *
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