School Climate Survey - West Side CTC - Parent/Community (19-20)
We want to know what you think about your child's school. The information from the survey will help us understand how you view your child's high school experience. The target of this survey is parents in the community who have an active student enrolled at this time. There are no wrong answers.

Your answers are confidential and will be combined with the entire school's responses. The survey is voluntary and you do not have to answer any question if you don't want to, however, we hope you will answer as many questions as you can.

Please read each question carefully, and select the ONE answer that most closely fits your opinion. Please keep in mind that this is your opinion about each statement given based on your involvement with and observation of your child at school. There is a separate survey for students. We appreciate you taking the time to complete this survey.
Your child is in what grade.
The length of the school day is about right.
You believe your child likes the school building.
Your child's school has clear rules and consequences for their behavior.
I believe the school assigns the appropriate amount of homework each night.
Your child believes their teachers encourage them to do their best.
Your child believes their coursework is interesting.
The homework that is assigned helps your child learn.
Teachers provide your child extra help at school outside of the regular class schedule.
You believe most students are well-behaved at the school.
You believe most students at the school treat each other well.
You believe teachers at the school treat students with respect.
You believe students are treated fairly by the adults in the school.
You believe that teachers are available to talk one-on-one with your child if needed.
Your child feels that they are bullied often.
Harassment, intimidation, and bullying by other students are a problem at your child's school.
Adults in this school apply the same rules to all students equally.
Adults in this school are usually willing to make the time to give students extra help.
You believe that teachers really care about your child.
Your child feels safe around the school.
Your child enjoys being in school.
You believe there are enough activities offered to your child.
Your child has opportunities to express themselves at school.
Your child feels as though they belong at the school.
Teachers and other adults here listen to students' ideas about the school.
I want my child to do well in school.
This is the end of the survey - THANK YOU!
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