BlokeFest 2019 CyberSinging Up North
Dear Bloke,

It's a mad idea, there isn't much time, it requires a bit of effort by those taking part but it might just work.... So, how do you ‪#‎getmensinging‬?

One of the biggest problem is time and place, so let's shrink those.

The idea is simple enough.

Get a group of Blokes together with a Workshop leader or two,
Get them to work on a piece and then
Perform it at the BlokeFest Cabaret.

But the blokes could be all over the country . . . and there isn't much time, so let's get them together via the Internet, via shared documents and rehearsing using recordings, then bring them together at the weekend and see what happens.

All we need is a few Blokes who are up for spending an hour or two in preparation then then a short rehearsal at the event.

You will be sent all the information you need and practice material ahead of the event in good time.

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Thanks for your interest and looking forward to hearing the results.

Good luck!

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