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The mission of Eat for Equity is to raise awareness and funds for organizations that work to address inequities in health, environment, education and opportunity. We also support organizations working within communities to facilitate short-term relief and long-term sustainable development.

Organizations are nominated by you and other members of the Eat for Equity community and reviewed staff and volunteers. We will be in touch with you as hosting spots open up.

Thank you for telling us about this great organization, and for being a part of the Eat for Equity community.

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What is the organization's primary mission and why are you drawn to its work? Why might this be a good fit for Eat for Equity? What is your connection with the organization?
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Would someone from the organization be able to speak at the event? Would the organization be able to rally volunteers? Are there other possibilities for collaboration?
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This isn't a requirement for sponsorship, but we'd like to know.
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Are you also interested in hosting an Eat for Equity? Hosts should have a house that can accomodate 100 [good-natured] people standing up. You can host an Eat for Equity at a friends' house, or we can also try to help connect organizations with host houses. However, if you have an appropriate host house lined up, we will consider your nomination with higher priority and may be able to schedule you sooner.
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