ClueKeeper Mystery Hunt History Tour
Submit your clue text here! Each team may create and submit up to 3 different location-based tour stops. Fill out this form once for each clue submission. The clue's location and tour information must be associated with a specific Mystery Hunt from the past 40 years. Clues will be compiled into a self-guided campus tour for the MIT Puzzle Club.
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What year is your Mystery Hunt tour trivia about? *
Not sure what year to choose? Hunt history can be found at
What are the GPS coordinates of your tour location? *
You can find coordinates on Google maps. Example: 42.358105, -71.095034
Describe how to find your tour location. *
Example: Find the window display outside the Hart Nautical Gallery, located on the ground floor of Building 1.
What is your 3-part trivia text? *
Include a sentence about the year's Mystery Hunt, a sentence or two about the trivia specific to this location, and (optional) a question with an answer word. Totally fake example: In 2015, teams faced "20,000 Puzzles Under the Sea" written by team One Fish Two Fish Random Fish Blue Fish. The Clipper ship on display in this window at the Hart Nautical Gallery was featured in a puzzle about historic shipping routes. What is the name of the ship on display? (The final question is optional, you can also just have trivia with no question, and the clue will end with "Type NEXT to continue the tour.")
What is the answer to your question?
This can be a single word or a short phrase, and ClueKeeper can accept multiple spellings. Example: FIGURE EIGHT, FIGURE 8. If there is no question, the answer is simply NEXT.
(Optional) Do you have a photo to go with your trivia?
To submit a photo for use with this clue, email it to with the subject: MIT History Hunt and include your team name, the hunt history year, and a photo credit. By submitting a photo, you give the right to ClueKeeper, Puzzle Club, or Team Left Out to post or publish it for any Hunt-related purpose.
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