Dog Scouts Troop 161 - Tellington TTouch Session
Come learn about Tellington TTouch and how it can help you and your dog on Saturday, June 8th from 1 pm – 4 pm.

Tellington TTouch is known for using circular touches to help release tension and to bring awareness to different areas of the body. TTouch can positively affect an animal’s behavior, performance, well-being, and the human’s relationship with the animal. TTouch also enhances the animal’s ability to learn. This is accomplished through four modalities: 1) TTouch - circles and lifts, 2) Playground for higher learning, 3) Ways to help the animal come into balance physically, emotionally and mentally, and 4) The intention and connection with the animal at a heart level.

On June 8th you will learn about TTouch, how to do various circles and lifts, and will have the opportunity to work in the playground for higher learning with your dog.

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