Call for Presentations-STXHRS 2019 Speaker Sessions and Mega Sessions

1. Complete the “Call for Presentations” form below.
2. Review for completeness and accuracy.
3. Include proof of performance. Accepted forms of proof of performance are videotapes (YouTube) or evaluations from a program the speaker previously presented.

Proposal Review- Members of the Professional Development Committee will review all complete proposals. Notification of acceptance will be emailed to presenters.


We strive to offer a balanced program of educational sessions by selecting proposals that best fit within the framework of the Programs goals. We are looking for:

• Practical Application. SAHRMA gives preference to practitioner sessions that include best practices and practical work tools that can be applied immediately. The Programs committee seeks presentations and topics that will provide our attendees with information that will improve their effectiveness on the job

• Proven Speaking Ability. The Programs committee seeks experienced presenters with a proven track record of speaking and performing well at speaking engagements.

• Proof of Performance.

o Videos – Video or YouTube of the speaker presenting a session. Promotional videos about the speaker’s organization or highlighting products & services are not acceptable proof of performance.
o Evaluations – Evaluations that show your quality ratings and scores from previous speaking engagements. Please include the number of attendees present and define the rating scale.

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In 150 words or less, provide a summary of the content. If you are selected to present, the description submitted below will be used in promotional brochures and on SAHRMA’s website. Please Note: we may change and/or reduce your title/description for program clarity.
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Provide a one-sentence primary learning objective of your presentation. Please do not give bullet points, multiple objectives joined by semi-colons, or several sentences. Here is an example: This session will help you prepare for changes in the workplace by examining and discussing emerging issues in HR and their affect on day-to-day HR responsibilities.
Proof of performance:
(i.e. evaluations that show your quality ratings and scores from previous speaking engagements. If provided, please include the number of attendees present and define the rating scale, recommendations)
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Please include any additional notes that may be relevant to your submission: (i.e: links to Video or YouTube of the speaker presenting a session, links to website for additional information, etc.)
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