Food for Home
If your family is needing help with food, please complete this form. It will be shared only with the school counselor, and all food will either be sent home in a back pack with the student or we can make arrangements to stay after school where a parent or guardian can pick it up.
Please understand that we do not know unless someone tells us.
Please enter today's date. *
Do you have food in your home? *
Is it common for you to be without food for a couple days at a time? *
Please list all students' name and grade who is attending Dorsey Attendance Center that you need help feeding. Any siblings are required as well. *
Please list your name and home address. *
You will be receiving a text from Mrs. Noell at Dorsey School, please list a phone number for us to reach you. *
We will also send home a budgeting or a helpful meal planning kit for your use. We realize that times are hard, and we all need help during those times. Please do not be afraid to ask for help. Our plan is to lead you to the proper resources. Is there anything else we can help you do? *
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