Shetland Dialect Word Game – suggestions
Submit your favourite dialect word below for potential inclusion in a forthcoming Shetland Dialect Word Game! All words and definitions will be verified by a group of dialect spaekers before going forward to the next stage of the game development. If you would like to receive more news on the progression of this project, please tell us below and we will stay in touch!
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This could be an everyday favourite or braally obscure word from Shetland Dialect!
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Please also include a definition to the above word, as you understand it. If possible please include any origin info relating to the word. The origin doesn't necessarily have to be a published reference, it could be the name of a relative, approximate year or area in Shetland the word came from.
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False definitions
Up to 3 'creative' alternative definitions – which could be plausible alternatives, red herrings, or plain silly alternatives. (Don't worry if you can't think of any, just leave this bit blank!)
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