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Interested in curating a gallery at the Fan*Alley Artist Lodge? Please fill out the form below. This form is not a contract or an acceptance. Fan*Alley will be using these applications to select curators for future group shows. Please carefully read through the following information before applying.

- Art Institute of Orange County
- 3601 W. Sunflower Ave, Santa Ana, 92704

- One night only on the date of the corresponding Artist Lodge event, 5-9pm

- Our demographic is typically 20yo+, we get a lot of college students and their friends, parents, and family members.
- Typically attendees at these events are not willing to spend more than $100 on an original piece of traditional art, and even less for an original digital piece. We recommend you put a price cap on the original pieces in the gallery to encourage sales.

- The fee to curate a gallery at the Fan*Alley Artist Lodge is $60. This covers the set up and use of our gallery walls, covers any extra gallery walls needed, the use of the room, and promotion on all our social media platforms.
- The $60 entry fee is non-refundable. This is to ensure that we get committed curators working with us. These shows take months of work in advance to put together, and if you break the contract or are unable to curate the gallery a few weeks before the show, it will be hard if not impossible to pull it back together. Please make sure you're able to commit the time and energy to creating a show.

- You're welcome to decide how many artists you work with, and how many pieces you allow in the show. However, you must handle it all personally. Artwork may not be shipped to the Art Institute. By taking on a curating job, you are committing to organizing all the artists, and collecting and bringing all of the artwork with you, as well as installing the work and running the gallery that evening. Fan*Alley is not responsible for shipping or collecting artwork for the artists or the curators.
- All artwork must be high quality, related to the theme of the show, and family-friendly (no nudity or graphic imagery).

- All artists much have a final approval through Fan*Alley. This regulation is in place because there may be some artists or creators that we refuse to work with because they violated contracts, were caught in copyright issues, etc. We reserve the right to deny acceptance to any creator for any previously stated or unstated reason we see fit.
- We expect you as the curator to use your judgement and to only accept professional (acting, not professionals career wise) creators, creating high-quality, family-friendly artwork

- Prints are a great way for an artist to raise more money. Those that can't afford an original piece may wish to purchase a print of the piece. You are in no way required to sell prints of the work.
- If you do sell prints, we allow the artists to give us only 5 prints of each piece they submit, and the prints must be exclusive to the gallery that evening (so if they're in the gallery and vending that night, they can't sell more of the prints at their table).
- If you plan on selling prints, please think about your print display accordingly. In the past we've had feedback about low prints sales because customers were unable to see all the prints laid out on a table. We had much more successful sales when the curator hung all the prints on a grid wall she brought so that the prints were easier to see and more accessible to everybody. If you plan on doing it this way, you must bring your own wall (or whatever you plan on using) and hanging devices. You may not hang on the Art Institute's walls.

- You may set up the day of the show only. Fan*Alley will coordinate with you on a time, but you will likely be able to start setting up between 12-1pm the afternoon of the event. You are not allowed to start setting up before the time we give you.
- You may talk with the security guards stationed at the front of Art Institute to see if they will allow you to load in through the locked side-door. That door is an exit-only portal, and may not be left open or unlocked. If they allow you to use it, you may load in through that door and then must immediately move your car to a different parking lot. Do not park in visitor parking as Fan*Alley will be setting vendors up in the front lots. If security will not allow you to load in through the side, you will have to carry everything through the front doors.

- The Gallery walls are full, 4x8’ sheets of unfinished plywood. We have three walls available to you, and if you need more we can get them.
- The walls are set up in an “H” (see photo below). This gives you four full walls to fill as well as the backs of the two vertical boards.
- You’re welcome to paint or decorate the walls, however we ask that you leave enough time before the show date to coordinate with our technician so you have time to alter them and for the walls to dry. You must provide the paint and any other decorating materials you need.
- Any walls that are altered in a way that can’t be fixed (I.e. completely painted and can’t be sanded away, you fill the wall with an extraneous amount of holes from nails or screws, etc.) you will be asked to replace that wall.

- The gallery room at the Art Institute is a main common room that has lots of tall bar tables, stools, chairs, and couches. You are welcome to use or rearrange these however you'd like, but they must not block any doors or fire exits.

- You may not break the gallery down until 9:30pm. Everything in the gallery needs to be broken down and moved outside or packed in your car by 11pm. Security and the custodial staff will begin cleaning and urging you to leave at around 10:30pm. Doors are locked at 11pm and everything needs to be outside by then.

- You will be responsible for handling all of the sales in the gallery. You set your terms as to how much you charge for an artist's entry fee, and what percentage you take from the sales. Fan*Alley will not be taking a percentage of the sales. You must bring your own money for change and be able to take credit cards with your own hardware (Square, Paypal, etc.)

- We require that every curator provide Fan*Alley with high quality photos of all the pieces in the show, as well as the corresponding title, artist, and medium. We put these images on our website to allow visitors to see past galleries and artists, and encourage them to come to future ones.

- If you would like to set up an artist signing to coincide with you're gallery, you're absolutely welcome. This must happen in the gallery room, and you must be able to use the Art Institute's tables and chairs, or provide your own. The artist's participating in the signing are NOT allowed to make sales during the signing. The only sales that should be happening at the event should be through the gallery itself or through the Fan*Alley vendors. They are allowed to bring any free promotional materials that they'd like to pass out (business cards, post cards, free coloring sheets, etc)

Fan*Alley is not responsible if gallery items are damaged or destroyed while in the gallery. Fan*Alley is not liable if an item is stolen, damaged, or if there is a fire, flood, or any act of God in the store that damages or destroys the item.

If the Curator decides to break their contract, communication needs to be in writing via email.

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