Conceptual Understanding Related to Upcoming Topics in 8th Grade Math
If you were unable to attend the meeting on 02/04/2016 and have watched the video summary, completing of this form will qualify you to receive 1 CLU.
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Which of the following information can be found in the Louisiana State Assessment Guidance documents? Check all correct answers. *
Which of the following test prep resources can teachers find linked in the Resources section of the Math Assessment Guidance? Check all correct answers. *
On the state tests, Type I tasks *
On the state tests, Type II tasks *
On the state tests, Type III tasks *
The PARCC evidence statements describe the knowledge and skills that an assessment item/task elicits from students. *
The PARCC evidence statements are derived from the new Louisiana State Standards. *
The PARCC evidence statements contain information about how a standard might be tested. *
The PARCC evidence statements show whether or not questions for a standard will be on the calculator section of the test. *
The State Assessment Guidance and the PARCC Evidence Statements are over 50 pages each and are not organized in an efficient manner. *
The Louisiana Standards for 2016-17 will not be finalized until early August 2016. *
Our Caddo Scope & Sequence documents were revised after the state changed spring testing from two 1-week sessions to one 1-week session. *
List 5 math topics that tend to be common struggles for your students every year. *
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Briefly describe an instructional activity related to one of the 5 math topics you just listed that you have found to be successful in helping your students. *
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Please list any professional development topics you would like to see this spring and/or summer here in Caddo Parish (optional).
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