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OCA fully endorses the GND’s goals of shifting the U.S. to 100% renewable energy as soon as possible and achieving net zero emissions by 2030.

But here’s the thing. We believe the only way to actually achieve net zero emissions by 2030 is to both reduce emissions AND draw down the CO2 already in the atmosphere. And the best way to draw down and sequester carbon? Organic and regenerative farming and land-use practices.

Right now, the media and many of the GND’s most loyal supporters are focusing almost exclusively on the power of transitioning to renewable energy to address global warming and create new jobs. We need your help to change that—by getting more GND supporters to start talking about food and farming.

Our job—and we need your help!—is to make sure that the final version of the GND includes policies and programs designed to scale up organic regenerative farming, in addition to policies and programs geared toward alternative energy solutions.

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