Parent Boundary Survey 2019
Thank you for your participation in the Decatur Public Schools Parent Survey about Boundary Changes. This survey is designed to be answered for ONE child. Please consider completing this for each child as your feedback is very important for our continuous improvement efforts.
Are you aware of the BOLD plan for your school?
From the menu below, please select which school your child primarily attends: (one child per survey)
Please indicate your student's current grade for this survey:
How many years have you lived in the district?
Do you agree that the district should be evaluating boundaries with the reconfigurations of the BOLD facility plan and the consolidation of elementary schools?
How important is the concept of neighborhood schools? (Neighborhood schools is where all nearby children are assigned to a school)
Please select the TWO MOST important guidelines in your opinion. If you feel that there is another guideline that is not listed that is more important than these, please write it in using the last question to share additional thoughts.
Once you make a selection in a column you will not be able to change your answer.
Most Important
Second Important
Continue Neighborhood/Community school concept
Maintain or improve the socioeconomic balance across schools
Ensure equitable access to educational resources across buildings
Disrupt the least number of students (provide options that will grandfather in students)
Minimize student travel time by bus
What is a reasonable time period to allow grandfathering of the boundary transition? Should we allow students to stay in their old school for the last year of school or the last two years for a student? [This impacts boundary schools; NOT magnet school students]
Please share any additional thoughts or opinions you have about elementary boundary reconfigurations.
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