2019 /tg/ Roster Poll Part II
Fa/tg/uys and ca/tg/irls, your voices have been heard, the vote has been tallied and the results of the 2019 /tg/ Roster Poll are in.

There was a total of 29 responses for the first roster poll that passed verification and 6 responses that were either troll (no actual response or suggestion) or failed verification that were deleted from the results tally.

For the players, a total of 3 current players on the roster failed to make the 50% or greater vote margin. Settra at 6 votes, Cheers! at 12, and Albino Doomgoat at 13. As such, they have been cut from the team, Settra himself claiming that he will not rest before taking a warhammer to the kneecap from his replacement, BOOK OF GROODGES.

The second poll had a total of 26 responses and zero verification failures or troll responses (much to our surprise) and the replacements were chosen- Book of Groodges with 14 votes (over Nagash and Khemri TV), Marcille the rounded ear with 18 votes to Ribbon and Rage's 8, and COMMENCE THE RITE OF SHITPOSTING with a whopping 13 votes to 5 for Daffy, and 4 for Confessions and Ad-lib threads.

But now for what (you) really want to know- the medals:
Doomrider and Gork (Or maybe Mork? still haven't found out) will be the senior presence as our Gold Medals, and our Silvers will be The Book of Groodges and a returning Jace (now with pirate hat*)

Gork will be taking the Ork Song for his own exclusive goalhorn, and the new 'Standard' Goalhorn will be Gloryhammer's Universe on Fire, with no other musical changes at this point in time.

Thank (you) for lending your voice to the team, your contributions are what makes /tg/ get shit done.
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