Student Exit Survey ( For Final Year Students Only)
After completing the B.E program, I have
Gained the ability to apply knowledge of science and mathematics to engineering applications *
Gained the ability to identify the problem, carry out literature survey, formulate the problem, analyze and provide conclusions using first principles of mathematics, natural sciences, and engineering sciences *
Gained the ability to suggest multiple concept alternatives *
Gained the ability to design a system component or process to meet the needs taking into the consideration for the public health and safety, and the cultural, societal, and environmental considerations. *
Gained the ability to design and conduct experiments, analyse/interpret the data obatined *
Gained the ability to apply appropriate technique/methodology, use computers and modern engineering /IT tools applicable to solve the engineering problem. *
Gained the ability to think about the societal, cultural, health, legal issues and act as a responsible engineer to address these issues *
Gained the ability to understand the impact of the engineering solutions in societal and environmental contexts *
Gained the understanding of professional and ethical responsibility and apply the same *
Gained the ability to work effectively on a team, provide suggestions and synthesize other team member ideas *
Gained the ability to manage conflicts that arise when working in teams and see that the team moves forward towards the set goal *
Gained the ability to communicate my ideas effectively through oral presentation and prepare the reports which could be presented to the clients. *
Gained the ability to apply the principles of management and finance to the project work assigned *
Gained an ability to realise the need for life long learning and engage in self learning about the latest technological developments *
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