LA-AID Mileage and Expenses for Transport
This form is to collect information about transported released immigrants and to request reimbursement for expenses. All reimbursements are paid through paypal. Please make sure you have a paypal account and KEEP ALL RECEIPTS.
Email *
Immigrant full name *
country of origin *
Reason for Release *
Please ask the immigrant about the reason they were released. check the appropriate response
date picked up *
date departed *
volunteer name *
mileage total
Note the total miles driven as a whole number. REIMBURSED AT STATE RATE .56 cents a mile.
# Nights housed
Note the total nights that your provided housing for the immigrant in your home. Reimbursed at $25 the first immigrant and $10 for each additional per night.
# of Meals
Note the total number of meals provided for the immigrant
Food Expense
Note the total cost of food for the immigrant
Other Expenses and cost
Briefly describe any other expenses such as toiletries, clothing, a backpack, snack for travel, phone, phone charger, sim card, etc and note the total cost
Seeking Reimbursement? *
If requesting reimbursement, send all receipts to Nell at P.O. Box 51441, Lafayette, LA 70505 or email a scanned or photographed copy to Nell at with date and immigrants name notated.
Amount you want reimbursed
This is the amount you wish to be reimbursed. Please realize that all expenses must be validated and what you request may not be what you receive.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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