Media Engagement Policy-Trafficking in Person
SSDO plans to engage with media persons including journalist reporters and anchorpersons to build their capacity to understand legal framework and report human trafficking cases in Pakistan. The media has a significant role to play not only on reporting but also spreading awareness and mobilizing public support and involvement to help avert and contest trafficking. Owing to their access to authentic information by investigative journalism and their outreach in public and public sector departments, they can be very helpful in changing the public opinion for support in implementation of existing laws and creating demand for new and require policy and legal change.

In this background, SSDO requires applications of media persons to be part of comprehensive training program to be held in Islamabad, Lahore, Multan, Karachi, Hyderabad and Sukkur. The media workshop will deliberate on various modules prepared and delivered by national and international trainers from USA and that shall include the following themes:
• Media and communication as rapid response including the intellectual responses to issues of human trafficking including bonded labor, child trafficking for sex and labor, and critical trends in Punjab context;
• Responsible and sector specific reporting, advertising, imagery while covering of trafficking cases to avoid misconceptions and reduce harm;
• Respecting discretion with reference to personal information about victims, prioritizing their anonymity and contextualizing the tendencies of crime;
• Promotion of independent and investigative journalism. Numbers are not always the good story. For good impactful story, continues investigative journalism on trafficking is required.
• Use of technology especially alternative approaches to report cases of human trafficking such as writing stories, blogs, digital storytelling, vlogs with greater impact.

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