Africana DHi Application
Dates: May 28-June 11, 2019

Please read this introduction to the application all the way through.

This is the application for the Africana: Digital Humanities Institute (Africana DHi), a three-week online workshop in digital methods.

Africana DHi participants are expected to commit to the full three week experience from May 28- June 11­, 2019. Participants will receive (remote) support from the Africana DHi staff during this time.

A tentative schedule and workshop descriptions can be seen on the website. Accepted participants will experience the Africana DHi curriculum first­hand, and learn technical and project management skills that they can apply to their own projects.

By submitting an application to Africana DHi, participants acknowledge and accept the above expectations. More information about our evaluation criteria can be found at:

There are three total sections in this application. You will know that your application has been successfully submitted once you receive a confirmation message.

Applications must be received by April 26, 2019. Applicants will be informed of their acceptance by May 6, 2019.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at

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Institutional / Organizational Affiliation and Position

The information collected in this section will be used to put together a diverse cross­section of humanities professionals, graduate students, faculty, adjuncts, postdocs, staff, curators, archivists, librarians and more. The questions in this section are to make sure that we are drawing from a diverse range of professional experiences and from a similarly diverse range of organization or institutional types.
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Please upload a 2­ page cv or resumé
Your Interest & Goals

This section is designed to help us get a better sense of the kind of digital projects you might be interested in working on. Please share information about your goals, interests, and needs.
Please describe in no more than 250 words your research interests.
How will your participation in Africana DHi benefit your personal research and professional goals?
What type of role do you feel most comfortable taking on when working in a group?
Describe the DH project idea that you would like to pursue during your time with Africana DHi. What specific skills are you interested in acquiring or learning about in order to accomplish your DH project? *
Africana DHi runs from May 28 -June 11, 2018. While there are no required meeting times, participants are expected to routinely engage in discussions and provide feedback to others over the three week period. In total, participates can expect to spend an hour a day (a roughly 20-25 hour time commitment over the three week period) engaged in project work. Barring any unforeseen event, are you prepared to commit to the rigor of the program and remain engaged in the process of skill building in an online community of scholars from May 28 -June 11, 2018? *
The goal of Africana DHi is to assist participates in widening the community of Africana-centered Digital Humanists. Toward this end, participates will be invited to showcase their projects as part of a panel presentation at the Annual Association for the Study of African American Life and History (ASALH) in Charleston, SC in October 2019. Additionally, selected projects will be invited to publish thier work in the peer-reviewed digital journal of ASALH, Fire!!! Following your participation in Africana DHi will you be seeking publication of your work in Fire!!! and/or would you be interested in sharing your experience as part of a panel presentation at the 2019 ASALH conference?
Outreach Survey

The following information is requested to help us improve our outreach efforts.
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