Board of Directors Contract Agreement
Thank you for your interest in joining Creative Emajinations team as a board member. The specific responsibilities may vary due to the mission focus and different phases of an organization’s existence, the basic role and purpose of all nonprofit boards remain the same. There are legal, ethical, and practical reasons to build a board when a nonprofit is created. How can you make a difference? Non-profits require strong organizational skills and structure, and this structure is usually put into place by a nonprofit board of directors. Board members will be expected to adhere to their fiduciary responsibilities to Creative Emajination's. Additionally, each Board member is expected to publicly support the mission of Creative Emajination's and will be publicly recognized as a member through-out the term. This document outlines the description for all Board members. This is an effort to ensure that prospective and current Board members have a frame of reference for what it means to serve as a Board member on the Creative Emajination's Board.
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Will you be able to attend board meetings? This is a requirement for all members. Members should not miss more than three (2-3) meetings in a calendar year.
Please choose between the following choices of days that you will be able to attend board meetings? Weekday meetings will take place between 5PM-7PM CST. Saturday meetings will take place 10AM-12PM.
Please share any non-profit or related board experience (such as approximate length of service, leadership roles, committee participation, involvement in special initiatives and events).
Do we have a copy of your resume? Please send your resume if available to E-mail If a resume is not available, let us know a little about your work and education experiences and the passions you have in life. If you have provided your resume. Thank you!
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Are there specific skills and/or interests you can offer as part of your board service that will be especially helpful to achieving CE mission?
Is there anything else you want us to know about your potential service as a Board Member?
BOARD MEETINGS: Each Board member is expected to attend ALL board meetings. If unable to attend, the Board President should be notified of such absence with as much advance notice as possible. Meetings will be monthly till we reach our board member goal of an adequate number of members to help reach CE goals and objectives. Meeting will alternate between via zoom, skype ETC, Local meetings will be TBD the fist meeting will take place for new members on October 26th 2020 will you be able to attend this meeting?
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TEAM SUPPORT: Due to the core nature of the following items, all Board members are expected to participate except when circumstances understandably prevent it: Attend and host a table at Performance Events. Support at least one of Creative Emajination's other special events: Fundraise for Creative Emajination's; and third-party events throughout the year. Leverage personal and/or professional networks to raise funds for Creative Emajination's. Will you be able to commit to the following?
Separate and in addition to the above, Board members are expected to commit to support Creative Emajination's in at least two (2) of the following categories: Serve on a Board Committee (a standing committee or an advisor committee established by Board President);Serve on a Creative Emajination's special event committee for its Music or Dance programs; Use professional expertise (such as legal, public relations, human resources, or other special skills the individual may have) to consult or advise Creative Emajination's; Support a Creative Emajination's special event. (e.g., personal sponsorship for Performance Events. Assist in fundraising at an extraordinary level. Donate or procure the donation of in-kind goods and services; or silent auction items for events. Serve as a Creative Emajination's volunteer as needed. Facilitate introductions to prospective funders and other community resources. Will you be able to commit to the following?
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LEVEL OF SUPPORT: Board members are expected to make a financial donation month to month or yearly contribution. Financial donations can be in the form of a personal sponsorship of a special event, designation of United Way donations through a Board member’s employer, or by personal donation made at any time during the calendar year to the financial institution. Example: Suggested give/fundraise = $500 personally, $5000 from outside sources.)The level of financial assistance shall be left up to the individual Board member to decide but will be communicated with the President and CEO and/or Board President in the first quarter of each year through the Board Member Annual Commitment Form. If personal financial circumstances require the board member to provide minimal financial support, he/she will be expected to increase participation in some of the other areas identified above. Will you be able to commit to the following?
Creative Emajination’s is responsible to me in the following ways: I will be provided with regular financial reports and program updates. I can call on the Executive Director to discuss the program and policies, goals, and objectives of the organization. Directors and Officers (D&O) TBD. The Executive Director and members will possess a passion for the community and its welfare. Members will respond in a straightforward and thorough fashion to any questions that the Executive Director feels are necessary to carry out their fiscal, legal, or moral responsibilities to Creative Emajination’s. Members will be publicly recognized for their roles and contributions to the organization through-out their term. Do you agree to the following?
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