Make social care a free, well-funded, publicly provided service! Sign our statement
We strongly agree with Nadia Whittome MP, sacked from her frontline care job for speaking out about PPE shortages, that the deep crises in social care “require a reckoning with decades of underfunding, fragmentation and privatisation, and deep change in how our health and social care systems are run… a huge injection of public money, and a model based on democratic public ownership, so that local people, workers and service users can have a say in how it is run”.

All aspects of social care should become a free, well-funded, publicly-provided service. We want our unions and the Labour Party to launch a real campaign for this (which is in line with policy passed at last year’s Labour conference).

That must be combined with support for care workers’ campaigns, for unionisation and for better pay, terms and conditions, and safety. Immediately and crucially, we need measures to ensure adequate PPE for all working in or attending care homes and home care, organised accountably through the public sector; and the right of all workers who need to to self-isolate on full pay.

Anything less means failing in our duty to the millions of people who in one way or another rely on the care system.

Ruth Cashman, Branch Sec Lambeth Unison
John Burgess, Branch Sec, Barnet Unison
Sam Greenwood, Branch Sec, Wakefield Unison
Paul Gilroy, Branch Sec, Newcastle City Unison
Alison Treacher, Branch Sec, Unite Greater Manchester Social Action branch
Mark Boothroyd, Unite Branch Secretary Guy’s and St Thomas Hospitals and Camberwell and Peckham CLP
Alison Brown, South Area Sec, Yorkshire Ambulance Unison
Danny Hoggan, Branch Sec Unite Greenwich LA 2050
Nick Donlon, Branch Secretary, Unite NW/11403
Cllr Josh Lovell, Herts County Council and Cambridge UCU
Cllr Lara Ellis, Vice-Chair, Newcastle East CLP and Newcastle City Unison
Cllr Gary ODonnell, Leicester West CLP, Community the union Leicester area Branch Secretary
Cllr Silvana Kelleher, Lewisham Deptford CLP, Greenwich & Lewisham Unite Community
Cllr Dave Putson, Erith & Thamesmead CLP, PCS Retired
Cllr Rebecca Shatwell, Newcastle East CLP and Newcastle City Unison
Trish Williams, Secretary Berwick upon Tweed CLP and Northumberland Tyne and Wear Unite Community
Abbie Clark Secretary, Stevenage CLP and Unite
Lynn Gibson, Secretary, Bishop Auckland CLP and Unite Political Office Durham Uni branch
Tony Byrne, Secretary, Newark CLP and RMT East Midlands Central Branch Chair
Dave Webb, Secretary, Newcastle Central CLP and UCU
Geoff Dixon, Secretary Stourbridge CLP and Unison
Rebecca Wilczek, Secretary Wansbeck CLP and Newcastle City Unison and Unite
Roslyn Gowers, Secretary Mid Worcestershire CLP
Bev Morris, Secretary, Worcester CLP
Sheila Williams, Chair City of Durham CLP and NEU
Dave Wood, Chair, Stevenage CLP and UCU
Jenny Mahimb, CLP chair Labour International
Arielle Bennett, Vice Chair, Stevenage CLP and UCU rep
Ian Chapman, Chair Berwick upon Tweed CLP and Unite community
David Bull, Berwick upon Tweed Branch Chair
Laura Daly, Unite Staff Branch Treasurer, Sedgefield CLP Campaigns Officer
Caroline Ball, Wansbeck CLP Political Education Officer and Unite
Chris Easton, Hexham CLP web editor and Unison / Unite
Irene Leonard, Liverpool Wavertree Political Education Officer and Unite Community
Yvonne Hardman, Durham NEU - LGBT+ National Organising Forum Member, North West Durham CLP - LGBT+ Officer
David Taws, Blyth Valley CLP and Unite
Sheila Gallagher, Blaydon CLP and NEU
Kathy Habberjam, Hexham CLP and Unite
Anne Marie Forster, Blaydon CLP and Unison
Jean Thorpe , Chair Nottingham City Unison
Helen Davies , Chair, Barnet Unison
Diane Cameron, RCN Outer SE London Chair and Rep London Region Board, Islington CLP
David Stewart UCU Branch Sec, Newcastle University and Newcastle East CLP delegate
Bridget Corcoran, PCS Branch Sec, and Newcastle East CLP delegate
Lydia Ndoinjeh, Chair , PCS R&C London North, Uxbridge & S Ruislip CLP
Sacha Marten, Membership and LGBT Officer, Tonbridge and Malling CLP
Donna Guthrie, Community and Youth Work NISC Unite
Kevin O'Brien, Secretary, Merton and Sutton TUC 
Susanne Napier, CNFP NISC UNITE 
Mike Bird, Vice Chair, Unite Greater Manchester Social Action Branch NW389
Joe Murphy CYNFP NISC Unite
Ed Whitby, Labour Link Officer, Newcastle Unison,  Chair, Ouseburn Labour
Anita Downs H&S Officer, South East London Medical Unite
Mike Bird, Vice Chair, Unite Greater Manchester Social Action Branch NW389
Joe Murphy CYNFP NISC Unite
Ian Allinson, President Manchester Trades Council
Rachel Wise, Secretary of Stockport Trades Council
Paul Bibby Unite NW CYNFP RISC Chair
Dave Spooner, Branch Chair Greater Manchester Social Action Branch Unite NW389
Jill Borcherds, Stevenage CLP and NEU
Tim Broughton, TULO Stevenage CLP and Usdaw
Georgine Whiting, Stevenage CLP and Unison Retired menber
David Walshaw, Newcastle Uni UCU, Newcastle East CLP delegate
Julie Stirk, Unison, Bishop Auckland CLP
Daniel Randall, RMT Bakerloo branch, Assistant Chair
Steve McKenzie, Unite Dartford and North West Kent branch delegate to Erith & Thamesmead CLP
Mr Yuksel Ali, RMT
Jane McCoid, Blaydon CLP and Unison
Emma Eltringham, Blaydon CLP
Lee Maybin, Hitchin & Harpenden CLP and RMT Finsbury Park
Nicola Hawkin,  NEU Branch Rep, Penrith & The Border CLP
Gillian Reid, Hitchin
Peter Martin, Wansbeck CLP
Sarah Roelofs , Unite Community, Berwick upon Tweed
Gary Philip, RMT, Bromley
David Murray,  Blyth Valley CLP and Unite Community
Lauren Harrison, Penrith & the Border CLP
Jon Willis, CWU Rep,  Bexleyheath and Crayford CLP
Anita Lowther,  Bishop Auckland CLP
Hugo Minney, City of Durham CLP and Unison
Janet Mace, Unite Community GLAB -  Chair, Erith and Thamesmead CLP
Richard Crook, CWU GLC Branch, Old Bexley and Sidcup CLP
Jan Kilsby, Unite Community London
Gillian Hart, Lewisham Deptford CLP Older person co-ordinator ,  Unite Community Greenwich Lewisham and Bexley Treasurer
Tim Cooper, Nottingham University hospitals Trust Unison , Nottingham East CLP joint Tulo
Hilary Snell, Penrith and the Border CLP Women's Officer and NEU Cumbria
Susan Harris, Beckenham CLP and Unite
Sandy Paul, Poplar and Limehouse CLP , Membership Coordinator and Unite
Andy Anderson, Bishop Auckland CLP ( membership secretary)
Maggie Young, Unison Sheffield Health and Social Care Trust,  Sheffield Heeley CLP. Delegate to Sheffield LCF
Peter Redfarn, CWU London South West, Lewisham Deptford CLP
George Gray, UCU, Woking CLP
Alena Ivanova, IWGB Charity Workers branch, Bethnal Green and Bow CLP
Mary Campbell, Mid worcestershire CLP Womens Officer, Unite Worcester
Eileen Loughlin, Assistant Secretary Newcastle North CLP and NEU
Valerie Jamieson ,  North Tyneside Vice Chair Women’s Forum and Unite Community
Janine Booth, RMT, Chair of Disabled Members' Advisory Committee, Hackney South and Shoreditch CLP
Andrew Thompson, Erith and Thamesmead CLP , Membership secretary
Amy Sellers,  Bishop Auckland CLP
Marcia Kerr, RCN Rep, Lewisham Central CLP
Alan Theasby , Chair Tees & Durham Unite Community branch , Middlesbrough CLP
Mr CALUM LANG, Middlesbrough CLP
Jolanta Mackenzie, RCN NURSE
Michelle Pointer, Unite, Aylesbury CLP
Pam Remon, Unite, Beckenham CLP
Linda Cleary , NEU
Shazeda Begum, RCN
Martin Dearden, Manchester
Jessica Fairhurst, GMB, Stockton North CLP , Youth and Students’ officer
Robert Thomas, PCS (BEIS London & South East), Basingstoke CLP
Rob Southern, Worcester CLP
Steve Chapman, Sheffield Heeley CLP and Unite
David Whitmore, Old Bexley & Sidcup
Seamus Creamer, RMT Branch Secretary, Gedling CLP
Katrina Faccenda,  Unite , Edinburgh Southern CLP
Liz Yeates, Charnwood CLP
Julie Ward, NW Durham CLP, Unite Community
Bernadette Barton, Unison, Denton and Reddish CLP
John Rowley-Beauvilain, Salford
Jacqueline Jones, Workington CLP, Unite
Joselito Dandjinou, Feltham CLP
David Taws, Blyth Valley CLP, Unite
David Gore, Lewisham Deptford CLP, GC delegate, BECTU/ Prospect
Lucy Ismail,  Streatham CLP, UCU retired member
Sacha Ismail, Unite LE 524, Streatham CLP
Deborah Antcliff, Unite community member, Newark CLP Campaign Coordinator
Sheila Gallagher,NEU, Blaydon CLP
Jennifer Kaye, Newark CLP Vice-Chair and Unite
Dave Ball, Finchley and Golders Green Trade Union Liaison Officer, Barnet Unison and NEU
Edd Mustill, GMB S35,  Sheffield Heeley CLP
Bob Jeffery, Anti-Casualisation Officer (Sheffield Hallam UCU), President (Sheffield TUC),  Sheffield Central CLP
Coralie Tringham, NEU member, Tonbridge and Malling CLP
Duncan Gallon, Secretary, PCS BEIS London & South, Croydon Central CLP
Elaine Jones, Unison Cheshire and Wirral Community health, Labour link officer and Wirral South CLP
Roxana Fraser, Winchester CLP and GMB
Dave Berry, GMB, CLP Education Officer Sheffield Central
Peter Trout Newark CLP
Jim Stewart, LJMU Branch of UCU, Newark Constituency Labour Party
Ian Thomson, Unison, Newark CLP
John Gallacher, Newark CLP
Derek Sayer, Newark CLP
Greg Duckworth, Newark CLP
Matthew Spoors, Newark CLP
Sandra Evans, Newark CLP
Richard and Mary Haig, Newark
Eveline Knight-Jones, BMA, Newark
Rosemary Holland, Newark CLP
Angela Gray, Unison and Newark CLP
Margaret McDougald , BMA and Newark CLP
Andrea Sayer, Newark CLP
Michael Bassey, NATFHE, Newark CLP
Janet O'Neill, Unite - Lincoln branch, Newark CLP
Vikki Chester, Newark CLP
Samuel MacPherson, Unite, Newark CLP
Graham Ladds, Newark CLP
Rev'd Felicity Ferriter , Newark CLP
Pascale Robinson, Manchester Gorton CLP
Stephen Kilduff, Rushcliffe Nottingham CLP
Patricia Dougan, Newark CLP
Daniel Round, NEU, Stourbridge CLP
Tom Pottrill, Acorn and Stourbridge CLP
Cat Eccles , Unison and Vice Chair Stourbridge CLP - Candidate for Wollaston and Stourbridge Town
Douglas Travers, NEU Notts and Newark CLP
Lawrence Welch, Unite and City of Durham CLP
George Gray, Unite Community andWoking CLP
David Towers, Leicester West CLP Campaign coordinator
Carol M, Unite Community, Eastbourne CLP
John Lambert, Eastbourne CLP
Kas Witana, Unison member, Penistone & Stocksbridge CLP
Kendrick Fowler Chair Unite Community Fylde Blackpool North and Cleveleys CLP disability officer and treasurer
Ariane Castel , Brighton
Peter Purton, GMB
Sarah Barratt, Altrincham and Sale West CLP
Cally Marritt, RCN
Sharza Dethic, Unite Industrial Rep
Roxana Fraser GMB Southern, Winchester CLP
Anthony Shorter
Roland Laycock, CWU, Mansfield CLP
Keith D’Arcy
Amanda Phoen, Unite Middlesbrough, Redcar LP & Momentum & Stand up to Racism
Georgina Hayhurst
Stephen Branscombe,Unison Dorset Health, Christchurch  CLP
Dave Bogle CWU
Gill Wing, Lewisham West and Penge CLP
Rachel Stee CWU, North East Derbyshire CLP
Peter Smith shop steward erewash
Jan Howe, Retired Unison Plymouth , South East Cornwall CLP
Laura Swaffield, NUJ
Lin Scoffin, Unison Acute Health Truro Truro and Falmouth CLP. TULO
Donna Coulthard , GMB Chester-Le-Street
Emma Rowell, Women's Officer, Bishop Auckland CP
William Cumming , GMB I15 Branch Secretary
Barry Jones GMB, Wansbeck CLP
Lynn Gibson, Unite, Durham University, Political Officer, Bishop Auckland CLP Secretary
Jonathan De Rennes,, Esher and Walton CLP
Rita Potter, Unite, Cheadle CLP
Stephen Bell
Matthew Goodwin, Unison, Sheffield, Heeley CLP
Florah Keller-Cooper, Leyton and Wanstead CLP, Cathall women's officer
Kathleen Commons
Roshan Lal,  Unison Sheffield Heeley CLP
Coral Jones, Doctors in Unite , Chair Hackney South & Shoreditch CLP
Dr Anthony Ian Taylor. Romford CLP
Joss O'Kelly, Aylesbury CLP
Megan Kell .
Mabs Fearo
Jennifer Ferriday, Torridge and West Devon CLP
Sarah Morg NUJ Magazine Branch Ethics Council Rep
Clare Evans, Haringey CLP
Chris Easton, Unite, Uniso, Hexham CLP
Gordon Ferguson
Matthew Brighton, Unison and Norwich South CLP
Ian Townson, Branch secretary, Lambeth & Southwark Unite Community, Battersea CLP (expelled)
Michael Sidaway , RMT Norwich branch , North Norfolk CLP
Trudy Saunders, UNITE Community South West
Dai Edwards, NEU Cymru, Alyn & Deeside CLP
Katharine Halls, Society of Authors member, Mitcham & Morden CLP
Margaret Spector, Chelsea and Fulham CLP
Lesley Connor, Stretford and Urmston CLP
John Puntis, Unite Health Service branch, Leeds
Philippa Jeacocke,  Sheffield Heeley CLP
Fiona Bosanquet, Bishop Auckland CLP
Clare Ambrose
Kirsty Ambrose-Smith , RCN camhs nurse
Deryck Prangnell, Retired FBU branch secretary , Bromley & Chislehurst CLP
Miron Quick, NAHT, Truro Falmouth CLP
Jan Malcolm, Truro & Falmouth CLP
Pam Harrison, Truro
Clare Bickle, Unite , Sherwood CLP
John Bennett-Green, Retired.
Trevor Cuthbertson, Equity, Falmouth and Truro CLP
Anna Eracleous, Unison - Lambeth ,
David Murray, Unite Community (North East),Blyth Valley CLP
Sheelah Goldsmith, Unite,Truro and Falmouth CLP Officer for Environmental Issues.
Ian Ambrose, TSSA,
Clara Wood, Unite (NUBSLI),
Seynam Kluvitse, BECTU, BBC Studios, Rep,
Peter Kerr, Truro and Falmouth CLP
Neil Johnson, Birmingham Hall Green CLP ,Birmingham Hall Green
Daniel Nichols, UNITE Community ,Romford
Veronica Bolan, Glasgow Unison ,Glasgow East CLP
jenny mahimb, CLP chair Labour International
Mark Harrison, Nautilus - International (UK Branch) ,Manchester Central CLP
Ken Elmer, Unison, retired ,Broxtowe CLP
Catherine Christian , Unite Community  ,Hall Green CLP
Charles Pigden,
David Callow, Braintree CLP
Andreas Bieler, UCU University of Nottingham ,Broxtowe CLP
Geoff Taylor, UCU and IWW ,CO-Membership Secretary, Oxford West and Abingdon CLP
Eduardo Gallo, Unite  Edg. dagbaston Branch CLP
Malcolm Ede, Unite Community West London ,Ealing North CLP
Heather NICHOLLS, Don Valley CLP,
Stephen Sheach, Unite Glasgow retired members , Eastwood CLP (formally TULO)
Sarah Teversham, Unite Community ,Hall Green CLP
Carmen Vazquez, West London Community Unite, training and education officer ,Hammersmith, delegate to GC
Geoff Taylor, UCU and IWW ,CO-Membership Secretary, Oxford West and Abingdon CLP
Daniel Heland, Unison UWE; LGBT Officer ,Bristol West CLP
Anne Watkins,  ,
Joseph Scollen, Unite, Easington CLP
Debbie Reed, Treasuer Hexham CLP and NEU
Chris Easton, Hexham CLP and Unite and Unison
Nigel Porter,  Hexham CLP
Karen Pickering, South Leicester and Unite

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