Interested in joining the 2020-2021 Executive Board
Teravista PTA would love to have you be a part of the Executive Board. We have so many opportunities to choose from. Please read through the different Chair positions (what they do in general) and let us know what kinds of things you would like to help with. Choose as many or as few as you are interested in. We have returning board members for the 2020-2021 school year so not all chair positions may be open but we would love all the help we can get on all of these tasks!
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Lighthouse Festival Chair - happens every October - plans the events and seeks donors and/or donations for the Festival
Library Chair - helps coordinate volunteers for the library and runs the Book Fair Events (including decorating the library)
RRISD Clothes Closet Chair - Coordinates Volunteers for our time at the Clothes Closet, Takes Donations collected at TvE to the Clothes Closet, Manages the Lost and Found at TvE
Staff Appreciation Chair - plans all staff appreciation activities for the year
Family Dance Chair - plans the Family Dance (typically in the spring)
Volunteer Coordinator - creates and circulates volunteer sign up opportunities for the year
Yearbook Chair - coordinates the creation/content of the TvE yearbook (with a committee) - happens throughout the year.
Communications Chair - sends out the biweekly PTA newsletter, manages the Facebook page for the PTA, and manages the website for the PTA
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BoxTops Chair - coordinates the collection of BoxTops from the school (and potentially other Digital fundraising like Smile and Shoparoo)
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Reflections Chair - every year the statewide PTA asks students to submit projects around a particular theme. These projects are evaluated and receive prizes at various levels. The Reflections Chair coordinates the submission of TvE students projects and the selection process for students and their work to advance beyond the school
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Site Based Representatives and Council Representatives - there are site based representatives who work with a committee of staff at TvE and a representative who works with the local Council PTA (RRISD District) on issues related to students and the work of the school.
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Membership Chair - coordinates the list of PTA members throughout the year and works on different membership drives to make sure that we have as many PTA members as we can have (a voice for every child at TvE is our goal!)
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Spiritwear Chair - coordinates the design and selling of Spiritwear throughout the year.
Anything else we should know about your interests? Any questions we can answer?
Thank you!
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