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This is the online application form for the training course on graphic facilitation "MARKERS" that will be implemented in Estonia from 29th of January to 7th of February 2020 by Shokkin Group Estonia.

We are looking for youth workers and educators aged 18+ residing ONLY in Estonia, Spain, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Sweden, Malta or Poland. The application process will be open until 5th of December.
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✔ I hereby commit myself to participate in the whole process of this project, meaning in the 100% of the work programme. Failure to do so might result in non-return of my travel expenses or even withdrawal from the project activity; *
✔ I am aware that I am responsible for carrying out preparatory tasks asked by the organizers as well as dissemination activities after the training course; *
✔ I am aware that obtaining a health and a full travel insurance are my own responsibility and at my own expense. I understand that the information I have provided on my special needs does not remove my own personal responsibility for ensuring my own health; *
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