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Should your organisation wish to become a CEPI Partner and a member of the Partners Forum, kindly complete this form and submit, thereby signing the Partners Statement. Upon the receipt of a confirmation from the CEPI secretariat, you will be considered a member of the Partners Forum. After submitting the form you will receive a receipt of your response.

CEPI will in general welcome organizations that work within the end-to-end spectrum of vaccine development to become members of the Partners Forum. There might however be circumstances where CEPI will not seek such a partnership. This can include situations where the request comes from an organization that operates in a way that is in breach with CEPI’s values, does not adequately overlap with CEPI’s scope or is not considered to be a significant actor in the field. In principle, CEPI will not seek partnership with consultancies.

Should you have any questions or need clarification before signing, please contact the CEPI Secretariat at:

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Partners Statement
My organization endorses CEPI's mission to stimulate, finance and co-ordinate vaccine development against emerging infectious diseases with epidemic potential and agrees to the mutual understanding of what is entailed by members of the Partners Forum (described in sections below)
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Hereinafter refered to as "the Organization".
The signing organization and CEPI are herinafter referred to as the "parties" collectively.
1. Background
The Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) is an international multi-stakeholder initiative supported by governments, international organisations, industry, public and philanthropic funders, academia, and civil society. CEPI is established to meet the need for a dedicated global initiative to strengthen the R&D response and development of effective vaccines targeting new and re-emerging infectious diseases. The vision of CEPI is that epidemic outbreaks of new and re-emerging infectious diseases will be managed an at early stage to prevent them from becoming public health emergencies that result in loss of life, undermine social and economic development, and emerge into humanitarian crises. The objective of CEPI is to create a global financing and coordination mechanism, and to strengthen public-private collaboration in order to develop, manufacture, and stockpile vaccines for emerging infectious diseases for which no commercial markets exist. CEPI will also support efforts to accelerate vaccine research and development (R&D) during public health emergencies. The initial focus will be to move new vaccines through development from preclinical to proof of principle in humans and the development of platforms that can be used for rapid vaccine development against unknown pathogens.

As a part of CEPI's multi-stakeholder nature, CEPI will establish a Partners Forum to allow for broad engagement of actors within the end-to-end space of vaccine development. The Partners Forum will be virtual, but likely complemented with Partners Forum meetings either annually or every second year. Members of the Partners Forum will receive regular updates from the CEPI Secretariat on CEPI's work.

2. Purpose
2.1 Scope
This Partners Statement reflects an interest of the Parties to investigate an end-to-end approach to vaccine development and application with a focus on essential gaps in vaccine development for new and re-emerging infectious diseases of epidemic potential where no vaccines currently exist due to market failure.

2.2 The Organization plans to
(i) Express support for the current vision and scope of CEPI.
(ii) Engage with CEPI to identify opportunities for accelerated vaccine development during public health emergencies, and investigate collaboration where possible.

2.3 CEPI plans to
(i) Include the Organization in CEPI’s Partners' Forum.
(ii) Provide administrative support, through the CEPI Secretariat, to facilitate the involvement of the Organisation in the CEPI Partners Forum.

3. Communication
3.1. The Organisation agrees to be listed as a “CEPI Partner” on the CEPI website under a heading containing the following content or similar; “We endorse CEPI’s mission and their efforts towards bringing vaccines for EID’s early to market through collaborating with other stakeholders within this field.”

3.2. CEPI shall not publicize any information of the Organization nor state any endorsements for CEPI of that Organization other than what is encompassed under 2.1 and 3.1 without the prior consent written consent of the Organization.

3.3 With the exeption of 3.1 and any information provided in the Annex, neither CEPI nor the Organization shall use the name (or any trademark or logo) of the other party, or otherwise publicize or disclose any information related to this Partners' Statement in any publicity, press release, advertising, presentation or other public communication without the prior written consent of the other party.

4. Reporting and Management
The institutional body of CEPI responsible for managing the Partners' Forum will be the CEPI Secretariat. The decision-making authority for any decisions on behalf of CEPI related to this Partners Statement will be the CEPI Board or via delegation to the CEPI CEO.
The Organization’s lead contact for CEPI is:
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Email of the Organization’s lead contact for CEPI:
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5. Funding
As set out in more detail at paragraph 6, nothing in this Partners Statement creates any legally binding obligations including but not limited to in relation to the transfer of financial or material resources between the parties. The Partners Statement does not give rise to any partnership or joint venture arrangement between the parties. Any activities between the Parties that necessitate the transfer of financial or material resources would be carried out only pursuant to a separate agreement. In general each party is expected to bear the costs of its participation in activities related to this Partners Statement (unless otherwise agreed between the parties in a written agreement).
6. Intellectual property
This Partners Statement does not, and is not intended to transfer to either party any rights in any intellectual property of the other party.
7. Duration and termination
This Partners Statement is not legally binding or enforceable, nor does it create legal rights or obligations between the parties; this Partners Statement is to set out the parties’ broad intentions about CEPI. This Partners Statement is signed voluntarily, and relates to the period of date of last signature hereto by the authorized official from the Organization until modified by both parties via a signed written amendment or terminated by either party in writing (at such party’s sole discretion).

Any differences between the parties concerning this Partners Statement should be referred to the signatories to this Partners Statement for resolution. The signatories will consult with one another with a view to finding a mutually acceptable solution.

By submitting this form you confrim that the provided information is correct and that your organisation agrees to the content of the Partners Statement
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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