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MixerBox OnePlayer is a video, music, and podcast player with more than 200 million downloads worldwide. To help music artists increase exposure, we are offering FREE promotions through the following application. MixerBox's review team will review the application forms and select suitable content for promotion. We encourage taking advantage of our applications for the opportunity to grow your audience.

🔺 Please read our guidelines before applying

1. By applying, you agree to MixerBox OnePlayer publicly promoting and playing your content.
2. Submitting an application DOES NOT guarantee that your content will be promoted. MixerBox reserves the right to make the final decision on which content will receive promotion.
3. If you want to apply for the same type of promotion, please allow two weeks before reapplying. (In order to give others an opportunity for promotion)
4. Please make sure your content is published on YouTube and has been set to "Public". Please also ensure that "Allow Embedding" has been checked.
5. Please confirm that your content complies with legal guidelines, public morality, and does not infringe on the copyright of others.
6. MixerBox's user rating is 12+. We reserve the right to block and refuse to promote content that violates the user rating. (e.g. pornography, violence, gambling, etc.)

💡 If you are looking to promote other types of media content, please refer to the following forms.💡
Podcast Shows: https://forms.gle/Vgpy1w63zU1EhLPr8
Other types of YouTube videos: https://forms.gle/z3kcpHakFuVEayiT9
TV/Media Content: https://forms.gle/z3kcpHakFuVEayiT9
News: https://forms.gle/z3kcpHakFuVEayiT9

⭐ Visit our MixerBox Creators website for more resources for creators.⭐
MixerBox Creators Music Artists: https://creators.mixerbox.com/music-artists

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MixerBox OnePlayer is offering FREE application for promotional placements
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